Where’s the Epstein client list? Why aren’t you demanding its release?

The next time you read a news story about the Bad Orange Man, or “the latest variant,” comment below it, “Why aren’t you covering the child trafficking epidemic? Are you part of it?” And where’s the Epstein client list? Why aren’t you demanding its release? Mainstream news media runs interference for the biggest criminals. Demand […]

Chances are if your life sucks you do too

Here’s a piece of advice, and you can take it or leave it, but remember — I’m usually right. If your life sucks, ask yourself whether you accept the version of reality that’s promoted by the government and the media. Chances are (if your life sucks) you do. That’s because, whether you are conscious of […]

The middle class will be reduced to poverty but the rich will have their money

My friends, if you believe I have any credibility at all, trust me on this: The national debt is the the biggest, most destructive crisis facing us. It will completely collapse our society and reduce it to the level of the most primitive third-world country, except for the very wealthy. You don’t hear about it […]

Why Do People Hate Trump?

Regardless of whether you love Trump, hate him, or are indifferent, one thing cannot be disputed: he takes up space in the majority of peoples’ heads, and he is a phenomenon. Millions love him, other millions hate him. I understand why Trump supporters love him: he’s the anti-hero. He rides into town on a mule […]

“Just keep them out of our neighborhoods, “They’re dangerous.”

Wealthy Democrats are full of compassion, empathy and love for the poor, the disadvantaged and the homeless. “Just keep them out of our neighborhoods,” they say. “They’re dangerous.” A council meeting in Millbrae, California became rowdy as residents came out in droves to protest a hotel being turned into homes for the homeless, according to reports Political […]

Are Socialists, Nazi sympathizers in Germany supporting the Nazis?

Sometimes I read Socialist web sites to try to understand the actions of our current government, which it won’t admit directly. Now, it is common knowledge that the current regime in Ukraine — the one we’re funding with hundreds of billions of unaccountable money — overthrew the prior regime in 2014. But according to this […]

Californians, this might be a good time to change your ways and get right with God.

Hurricane, earthquake and locusts too! Californians, this might be a good time to change your ways and get right with God. SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Along with drought and climate change, a different type of threat is now devastating the fields of California farmers: grasshoppers. The bugs are mowing down fields across Northern California. “We’re getting counts of, […]

One hurricane in 80 years is not a change in climate. It’s a freak occurrence.

The hurricane about to strike Southern California is the first to do so since 1939. Naturally, the Left sees this as that long-awaited proof that they are finally right about the climate apocalypse. But let me ask this question: why wasn’t the 1939 hurricane the sign of a climate apocalypse? One hurricane in 80 years […]

Open borders are bringing contagious diseases to your neighborhood

The same people who totally freaked out over Covid are happy to welcome foreigners with deadly contagious diseases into their neighborhoods. The same governors who locked down healthy Americans welcome in migrants with polio and tuberculosis. And the best part? The voters can’t complain because it’s their party doing it to them.   Ready for […]