Californians, this might be a good time to change your ways and get right with God.

Hurricane, earthquake and locusts too! Californians, this might be a good time to change your ways and get right with God. SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Along with drought and climate change, a different type of threat is now devastating the fields of California farmers: grasshoppers. The bugs are mowing down fields across Northern California. “We’re getting counts of, […]

One hurricane in 80 years is not a change in climate. It’s a freak occurrence.

The hurricane about to strike Southern California is the first to do so since 1939. Naturally, the Left sees this as that long-awaited proof that they are finally right about the climate apocalypse. But let me ask this question: why wasn’t the 1939 hurricane the sign of a climate apocalypse? One hurricane in 80 years […]

Open borders are bringing contagious diseases to your neighborhood

The same people who totally freaked out over Covid are happy to welcome foreigners with deadly contagious diseases into their neighborhoods. The same governors who locked down healthy Americans welcome in migrants with polio and tuberculosis. And the best part? The voters can’t complain because it’s their party doing it to them.   Ready for […]

What’s so good about getting into college?

Since the recent Supreme Court decision striking down affirmative action, the focus has turned, as if to achieve some kind of balance, on “legacy admissions.” Legacy admissions are when colleges give a preference in admitting the mediocre children of alumni, who might otherwise not make the cut. The social theory here is that if colleges […]

Swiss Research Claims There Is a 1-in-35 Chance of Getting Heart Damage from Moderna’s Covid Injections

It’s important to get the JAB or else people might think you’re a Trump supporter. And that’s worse than a heart attack. Here is more from the European Conservative: A new study conducted by research scientists from the University of Basel, Switzerland, and the Cardiovascular Research Institute of Basel (CRIB), hypothesized that “COVID-19 mRNA-vaccine-associated myocardial injury following […]

Can Donald Trump get a fair trial with unbiased jurors?

Can Donald Trump get a fair trial with unbiased jurors? In the toxic political atmosphere hovering over America since 2015, not a day goes by without the news media pronouncing Trump guilty of a wide range of nefarious deeds, real and imagined. But I searched for an opinion piece about fair trials and pre-trial publicity, […]

Attention Electric Car buyers, you have been punked so badly!

Attention Electric Car buyers: You have been punked so badly, you should wear a dunce cap and a Kick Me sign, courtesy of China. You should be overwhelmed by feelings of insignificance and futility. And what’s worse, you don’t even get it. China Has Approved More Than 50 Gigawatts Of New Coal Power Last year, […]

The Coal Business Is Booming In India and China

Coal use is at an all-time high because we need it. Here in the Denver Front Range region, I see miles-long Burlington Northern trains with hundreds of coal cars, fully loaded heading south, and coming back empty heading north. Coal, baby! It will keep America warm and well-lit for the next thousand years. Read more […]