Why Do People Hate Trump?

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Regardless of whether you love Trump, hate him, or are indifferent, one thing cannot be disputed: he takes up space in the majority of peoples’ heads, and he is a phenomenon.

Millions love him, other millions hate him.

I understand why Trump supporters love him: he’s the anti-hero. He rides into town on a mule and has shootouts with all the bad guys, even though some see him as a bad guy too.

But the hate for Trump is harder for me to figure out. Dislike for his style, I can understand. But the kind of hate he generates is unlike anything I can recall seeing for any notorious figure. Traditional bad guys: John Dillinger, John Gotti, etc., were folk heroes. So what’s the rationale? To find out, I’ve checked the sources.

If you google “why do people hate Trump,” it brings up articles like this. It gives 20 reason for hating him, gleaned from online comments made by people who hate him. Let me briefly summarize them, using quotes:

1. “He says he wants to Make America Great Again.”

2. “He’s a former reality-TV star.”

3. “He’s a billionaire.”

4. “He’s a businessman and not a politician.”

5. “He hates the media.”

6. “He’s rude and mean.”

7. “He’s not politically correct.”

8. “He says he’s not a racist.”

9. “He says disrespectful things about women.”

10. “He’s against open borders.”

11. “He’s nationalist rather than globalist.”

12. “He didn’t sign the Paris Climate Accord.”

13. “He appeals to rural voters.”

14. “He does not think Russia is a threat.”

15. “He is pro-capitalism.”

16. “He is pro-gun.”

17. “He’s constantly battling with critics.”

18. “He gives the Republicans full control of Washington again.”

19. “He cuts government services.”

20. “He obviously thinks quite highly of himself.”

Now mind you, the above are the reasons people give for intensely hating Trump — not reasons why they dislike him or find him annoying. If you read the article, all 20 “reasons” are amplified by vicious insults not only against Trump but against rural people, Christians, and anyone who voted for him.

As I always say, I try to be fair and open minded, and I try to understand the “other side’s” point of view.

But what I cannot understand is this roiling, boiling hate for a man because he is a pro-capitalism, pro-gun billionaire who thinks quite highly of himself and has made some rude comments.

Can anybody help me out here? Please read the article below first so you get the full flavor of what I’m talking about.

Why Do People Hate Trump? Here Are The 20 Top Reasons

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