Dear valued supporter,
The purpose today is to ask you for your support in our programming cause. My team at the Craig Bushon Show is proud to serve you as a pro America movement! Focusing on the founding principles of every citizen sharing an equal voice in the direction of our great nation.  For too long the American citizen has been marginalized through a strategy of divide and conquer.  The fire of liberty in America cannot be allowed to go out! 
As you can imagine, carrying out our programming requires a significant amount of resources. Therefore, we need the help of our donors to achieve our mission. 
We’re calling on all Liberty minded individuals who share our passion for creating a better America, to join us. Every donation, no matter how small, will help us to reach our goal. By donating, you will make a difference in America’s future.
Here at the Craig Bushon Show, we believe the flame of liberty needs to burn bright in each one of us. The flame is fed by the love of God, Country and the Patriotism that should burn in every citizen.
Once again, your donation will make a significant impact, it will provide us with essential resources to push back on the anti-America revisionists that have infiltrated so many of our sacred institutions of government, education and mainstream media.
The ability to speak freely with the TRUTH as our bullwhip, is a fundamental right as an American. The ability to cancel someone for speaking TRUTH is a form of tyranny when those people are not protected by the law of the land. John Adams once said “government of laws and not men” This means in a free society, government laws must be specific and understandable to not prevent average citizens from exercising basic liberties…”The Truth Is Not Hate Speech!” – Craig Bushon
We are blessed with your generosity and support and thank you for considering our request.
Craig Bushon 
I Can America LLC