One hurricane in 80 years is not a change in climate. It’s a freak occurrence.

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The hurricane about to strike Southern California is the first to do so since 1939.

Naturally, the Left sees this as that long-awaited proof that they are finally right about the climate apocalypse.

But let me ask this question: why wasn’t the 1939 hurricane the sign of a climate apocalypse?

One hurricane in 80 years is not a change in climate. It’s a freak occurrence.

If they start coming every year, then that’s a change.

And if the deserts of the american southwest start getting wet, is that a bad thing?

Here is what the LA Times is saying:

How climate scientists feel about seeing their dire predictions come true

It’s been 35 years since an explicit reference to climate change first appeared on the front page of a U.S. newspaper, after James Hansen, then director of NASA’s Institute for Space Studies, testified before the Senate that “the greenhouse effect has been detected, and it is changing our climate now.”

In the decades since, the effects of climate change have loomed ominously in the distance like the due date of an unpayable mortgage.

But 35 years is enough time for a mortgage to come due, for children to grow up and have children of their own, and for the long-feared consequences of a warming world to become reality.

For climate scientists, it doesn’t feel good to be proved right.


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