Woke Banks with woke employees practicing “woke capitalism” across Broken Britain

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Broken Britain‘ decline signals detected…

Woke Banks with woke employees practicing “woke capitalism” across Broken Britain, are closing as many as 1,000 accounts per day because customers don’t hold acceptable views re environmental and social causes.

Now the Ministry of Defense has warned that woke banks are in fact a direct strategic threat to national security. Wokeness comes from effeminate and emasculated male and female physiology just before civilizational collapse.

We always see this phenomenon as cycles analysts prior to collapse.

Notice I said ‘physiology‘ and not ‘mind’. It is biology and not surface-level psychology that matters. Epigenetics can best answer this peculiar phenomenon when studying entire societies. We’re even detecting wokeness proliferating throughout Britain’s sorry-looking armed forces too.

What’s really going on is that modern Britons no longer have the genetic temperament that once sparked the mighty Industrial Revolution. Britain is a vassal of the modern version of Rome and it is also experiencing the same decline as Rome.

Britons no longer have the genetic temperament nor competence to advance because of decades of peace and a very high standard of living. The enormous success of the Victorian era will not be repeated because woke society in the UK has lost its biological drive for innovation too. This is precisely why affluent morons are busy gluing themselves to Broken Britain’s road networks to protest your petrol you put into your car, the gas you use to stay warm, feed yourselves with etc. They’re even protesting farmers and food now.

This is happening all across the West…

When added to a growing distaste for military action, which has seen huge cuts in the armed forces, by the end of the century, the UK will no longer have the “power nor will” to protect itself against a serious invading force.

Powerful “Civilization-States” like Orthodox Russia, will steamroll Woke Britain. Once European countries can no longer defend themselves, the end of national independence cannot be long delayed.

All civilizations move in cycles fueled by environmental factors such as famine, religion and war, which changes the temperament of a nation. Remember this, “famine, religion and war”.

WW1 had an epigenetic effect in that mothers made anxious, gave birth to an unusually aggressive generation which was the main cause of WW2.

Thus an “echo war“…

WW2 produced not only Vietnam but the militant anti-war students of the late 1960s. But now Britain is a lot less war-like and much more reluctant to fight. People no longer want to join the army, or become engineers. Britain lacks the biological temperament. People would rather do arts degrees, become social media influencers, glue their faces to Britain’s road networks.

You can’t go secular liberal and woke and survive. It’s not possible. You were living off the vapor fumes of Western civilization.


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Dan Hood

Dan is a Civilisation Cycles Analyst Based in Manchester, England, United Kingdom Michael Haupt 👉 Society 4.0 Dan Hood 👉 Supercivilisaton: Antidote to Dark Age Michael is an "Optimistic Collapsologist" | Tentative title of upcoming book: The Art of Joyous Collapse | Creator of LifeLegacyAI

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