Trudeau Blames “American Right-Wing” For Muslims Objecting To LGBT Materials In CA Schools

There is a handful of world leaders whose comments and actions confirm that they are embarrassingly disconnected from their constituencies.

One of them, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is considered to be part of the next generation of leaders for the globalists group, The World Economic Forum (WEF).

The WEF has undertaken an aggressive agenda to deconstruct Western nations which includes advancing the LGBTQ etc movement in the name of equity.

Their agenda requires those who currently object to alternative lifestyles to be forced to quickly accept and eventually approve of the woke movement’s lifestyle choices.

One of the fast-growing minorities in Canada is Islam which happens to be against sexual activity between people of the same gender. Some Muslim parents are demanding materials promoting the “gay” movement be kept out of public schools.

What Does Islam Teach About The LGBTQs’ Sexual Choices?

Islamic scholars overwhelmingly teach that same-gender sex is a sin.

The Muslim holy book, the Koran, tells the story of Lot and the destruction of Sodom – and sodomy in Arabic is known as “liwat,” based on Lot’s name.

Men having sex with each other should be punished, the Koran says, but it doesn’t say how – and it adds that they should be left alone if they repent.

Instead of learning about their religious objections to the materials, Trudeau implied that Muslims against LGBTQ ideology in schools are misled by ‘misinformation and disinformation from the ‘American right-wing’

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau blamed the “American right-wing” for Canadian Muslims’ opposition to gender ideology and LGBTQ curriculum in K-12 education.

The video was of Trudeau speaking with the Muslim community last week at a Calgary mosque – Baitun Nur Mosque – after hundreds of protesters rallied against gender ideology in schools, chanting, “Leave our kids alone.”


We have no hate, but we must protect our kids. #leaveourkidsalone

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The Post Millennial reports:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claimed Wednesday that Muslim parents who are fiercely opposed to their children being taught LGBTQ ideology in schools are just victims of “misinformation and disinformation” from the “far right” and “American right-wing.”

Speaking to a Muslim parent in Calgary, Trudeau attempted to minimize the objections of Muslims and other people of faith to the LGBTQ lessons. “I’ve heard this concern many, many times and I know that it is a very real issue,” Trudeau said in the eight-minute exchange recorded on video and posted to Twitter…

“First of all, there is an awful lot of misinformation and disinformation out there. People on social media, particularly fuelled by the American right-wing, are spreading a lot of untruths about what’s actually in the provincial curriculums.

“Now if you look at the various curriculums, you’ll see that there is not what is being said out there about aggressive teaching or conversion of kids to being LGBT. That is something that is being weaponized by people who are not doing it because of their interest in supporting the Muslim community,” Trudeau said.

Trudeau’s comments triggered Muslim leaders who blasted the radical Canadian globalists.

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Eric Thompson

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