Hunter Biden IRS Whistleblower Shares Damning Info Concerning IRS Investigation

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During these times of widespread corruption in nearly all departments of the federal government, especially in the higher levels of the DOJ, FBI, IRS, and especially in the Oval Office of the White House, any small glimmer of getting to the truth is front page news.

On Wednesday, the House Oversight Committee held its much-anticipated hearing with two IRS whistleblowers seeking to expose the corruption and partisan actions by their superiors, that took place during their investigation with US District Attorney David Weiss into Hunter Biden.

One of the whistleblowers, IRS Special Agent Joseph Ziegler,  previously known as “whistleblower X,” explained to the committee that he is risking his career to bring new information forward about the Hunter Biden investigation.

“I have witnessed the corrosion of ethical standards and the abuse of power that threaten our nation. It is within this context that I have chosen to shed light on these actions and expose those responsible,” he said in his opening statement.

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“I sit here before you not as a hero or a victim but as a whistleblower compelled to disclose the truth,” Ziegler explained.

“I believe I am risking my career, my reputation, and my casework outside of the investigation we are here to discuss,” Ziegler added.

“I ultimately made the decision to come forward after what I believed were multiple attempts at blowing the whistle at the Internal Revenue Service,” he said, adding, “No one should be above the law, regardless of your political affiliation.”

During his testimony, the whistleblower also addressed claims that he is a “traitor” to the Democrat party because he decided to speak the truth.

Ziegler, who is gay and a Democrat, said that he hopes to be “an example to other LGBTQ people out there, who are questioning doing the right thing at a potential cost to themselves and others.”

“We should always do the right thing, no matter how painful the process might be,” he added.

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Ziegler also testified that he believes that a special counsel is still necessary for the investigation into Hunter Biden’s actions, including outside Delaware.

“It appeared to me…that the U.S. attorney in Delaware…was constantly hamstrung, limited, and marginalized by DOJ officials as well as other U.S. attorneys. I still think that a special counsel is necessary for this investigation,” the whistleblower said during the hearing.

The IRS whistleblower also revealed to CBS News that he wanted to interview Hunter Biden’s adult children but was not approved to do so.

According to Ziegler, US District Attorney David Weiss told him that such interviews would “get us in hot water.”

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He went on to explain that “roadblock after roadblock” was set up to make Ziegler’s job more difficult and impact his ability to investigate Hunter Biden.

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