Anonymous IRS Whistleblower’s Brave Opening Statement Revealed – Whistleblowers to Testify TODAY at 1 PM

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Today at 1 PM ET, two whistleblowers will testify to Congress regarding their experiences with the Department of Injustice and FBI.

Gary Shapley, a former IRS investigation supervisor, and an anonymous Whistleblower X, a 13-year special agent of the IRS, are set to speak out.

According to Fox News’ obtained Whistleblower X’s opening statement, he is compelled “to disclose the truth” and “shed light on ‘the shadow that looms over our federal legal system’.”

The whistleblowers were reportedly assigned to investigate Hunter Biden’s tax and gun charges.

Here is the rest. Note the second paragraph could be seen as a warning to America:

I have witnessed the corrosion of ethical standards and the abuse of power that threaten our nation. It is within this context that I have chosen to shed light on these actions and expose those responsible. I recognize that while I was present at the start of this investigation and was closely involved with the investigation for roughly five years — that I am just a part of the story. My aim is to address systemic problems that have allowed misconduct to flourish. It is not a call for blame but a call for accountability and reform.

Transparency is the foundation of our democracy. Without it, people lose their trust in the institutions and the bonds that tie the fabric of our nation start to fray. The American people deserve to know the truth no matter how uncomfortable or inconvenient it may be for either political party.

As Jim Hoft reported, the IRS recommended charges against Hunter Biden that included:

Attempt to evade or defeat tax – A FELONY

Fraud or false statements – A FELONY

Willful failure to file returns, supply information or pay tax.

Mark Lytle, Shapely’s attorney, told Fox News that David Weiss had no power to bring charges against Hunter Biden. Shapely then attempted to get GPS locations to check if both Joe and Hunter were in the same room after an explosive WhatsApp message was uncovered from Hunter demanding payment from a Chinese business associate. Shapely has revealed that Weiss was not allowed to make any decisions on this case involving Hunter and Joe Biden. It appears as though there are some discrepancies here with how this case was handled by the DOJ.

Whistleblower X further revealed information concerning Weiss’ lack of power when it came down to making decisions regarding this case involving both Bidens, which begs further questions about why he was even included in these discussions at all since he had apparently no say or authority over anything related to this issue? Was he just another pawn used by those who held more power within the DOJ? If so, what was his purpose? And why did they feel compelled enough to include him?

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