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Tech tyranny has almost shut me down completely. I am shadowbanned, censored, blocked and canceled on the legacy social media platforms. But don't worry, there is a plan to beat these guys. You can stay informed by downloading the Freedom Hub App

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Is this the End Of The American Dream

Is this the End Of The American Dream

If you haven’t found God yet, don’t worry, he’s coming to you.

If you haven't found God yet, don't worry, he's coming to you.

Politician On Under Cover Video Talks About Buying State Congressmen in Mexico

VIDEO: Politician Talks About Buying Border State Congressmen in Mexico

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10 Indicators That The US Economy Is Pivotting
Top Ten Indicators Bidenomics Is A Complete Failure

The experts had previously maintained that the U.S. economy could be kept from a recession, but this is no longer the case. Credit conditions are…

Campaign Expert: Dems Positioning to Replace Biden with Michelle Obama
Political Expert Just Exposed What's Really Going Down Inside Democrat Headquarters

Steve Stockman is a former Congressman who served two non-consecutive terms, from 1994 to 1996 when he defeated the 42-year incumbent Chair of the Judiciary…

Foster Families Required To Affirm ‘Gender Identity’ Of Children Or Lose Them Under New Biden Rule
Biden Admin Groomers Make Sick Threat To Foster Parents

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) under the Biden administration recently proposed a new rule that would require foster families to affirm the…


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