Biden’s Mixed Priorities: Sends Harris to Swiss ‘Peace Summit’ While Attending Hollywood Fundraiser

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The Biden administration has once again shown their skewed priorities as they send Vice President Kamala Harris to a Swiss ‘peace summit’ while President Joe Biden attends a lavish Hollywood fundraiser, reports The Gateway Pundit.

This decision comes after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky publicly criticized the lack of high-level delegations attending his peace summit in Switzerland. Over a hundred countries and organizations are expected to attend, but many have chosen to skip or send low-level teams.

The exclusion of Russia, a major player in global politics, raises questions about the legitimacy of the event. China, Brazil, South Africa, India, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan have all opted out as well. This growing list of absent nations is being referred to as the “BRICS trap” by some experts.

But what is truly concerning is that even America’s so-called allies are sending mixed signals. Australia, for example, will be represented by their ‘minister for disability insurance’ instead of a high-ranking official. This blatant disrespect towards Ukraine and their efforts for peace is unacceptable.

While other nations are snubbing Zelensky’s summit, Biden will be rubbing elbows with Hollywood elites at a fundraiser in California. This move not only shows where his true priorities lie but also highlights his lack of commitment to international diplomacy.

It is no secret that Biden’s administration has been plagued with questionable decisions and policies since day one. From reckless border policies to astronomical government spending, it seems that every move made by this administration is guided by leftist ideology rather than common sense.

American-loving Patriots who vote Republican know that true leadership means putting America first and standing by our allies when they need us the most. But under this current administration, we see the opposite happening – America taking a backseat while our enemies gain ground.

The American people deserve to know why Biden is choosing to send Harris to the Swiss summit instead of attending himself. Is it because he is afraid of facing criticism from Zelensky? Or perhaps he is too busy catering to his Hollywood donors?

Whatever the reason may be, this decision further proves that Biden’s administration is not fit to lead our nation. We need a strong and decisive leader who will prioritize America’s interests and stand by our allies. It is time for a change in leadership before it’s too late.

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