Vivek Ramaswamy Humiliates Globalist Mouthpiece Andrea Mitchell on “Global Climate Change”

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Neocortex-driven precision facts vs lower-level, limbic-driven, primeval “journalism”.

I see how Vivek Ramaswamy is the agile but deadly “F-22 Raptor” version of Trump, who is more like the commanding B-52 Stratofortress.

Personally, I’d rally behind this brain politically, but that’s just me. You have to rally behind the sort of temperament that you think best mirrors your own.

Are you neocortex or limbic system?

There are two fundamentally different kinds of rhetorical speakers: those who use ironclad reasoning and those who speak from the “heart”. In reality, it’s got nothing to do with the “heart” because that’s for pumping blood around your body sending oxygen and nutrients, whilst removing unwanted carbon dioxide and waste products, so that you don’t drop dead. It is the reptilian limbic-system doing the talking.

These speakers reach two different sorts of people. Speakers who aim for reason are generally found in parliaments, those who speak from the “heart”, speak to the people directly.

The speaker who uses reason must command a wide range of statistical and factual material. He must be a master of dialectic. With ice cold logic, he develops his line of thinking, draws irrefutable conclusions. That said, he does not understand how to “fire up the masses” for a great cause. He is limited to educational discourse. At best he persuades people, but never fully mobilises them.

Enter Trump, the “B-52 Stratofortress”…

The speaker “from the heart” is different. He may have the skills of the master of reasoning, but they’re just tools that he uses as a true rhetorical virtuoso. He combines clear diction with simple argumentation, instinct tells him what to say and how to say it. Language unites with ideas. He knows the “mass soul”. Rallies the tired and lazy, fires up the indifferent and the doubting, turns cowards into men and weaklings into heroes.

As any great man, a gifted speaker has his individual style. He can only speak as he is. His words are written into his physiology. He speaks his own language unique to him and him alone.

As for the rest of them…

Whilst I respect RFK Jr, there aren’t any other politicians on the left that I could respect, let alone get behind. I certainly couldn’t rally behind Joe Biden and his Son. Kamala Harris? Gavin Newsom? Not a chance. Equally, Ron DeSantis should probably stick to Florida, and the rest of the Republican candidates are simply ‘legacy empire’ useless. There’s nothing memorable about them, neither in terms of their neocortex nor limbic-system.

What we can observe with keen interest is how “luxury liberal” elites are getting desperate out there. One should expect lots of madness as a result of their desperation as the clock runs down.

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