“Ukraine’s counteroffensive is stalling. The [luxury-liberal] West must prepare for humiliation…”

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According to former British Army Commander, Colonel Richard Kemp…

“Ukraine’s counteroffensive is stalling. The [luxury-liberal] West must prepare for humiliation…”

Liberals in both Republican and Democrat camps, need to adjust to a new and painful strategic reality. That is you just lost your [Empire] war with Moscow in a big way. Yet another loss stacked up.

“Now, polls in both Europe and the US show public support for military aid to Kyiv dropping away, with one recent survey indicating that less than 50 per cent of Americans are in favour of additional funding. This at least partially reflects sluggish progress in Ukraine’s counteroffensive, which has seen only limited gains so far.”

“A humiliated West will need a robust damage-limitation strategy. This would involve building up Nato forces, which still has not yet been seriously approached on either side of the Atlantic. There is no indication, for example, that Germany is budgeting to reach the minimum Nato defence spend of 2 per cent of GDP, despite promises. The UK continues to make further cuts to its undersized army.”

“If the West can’t find the backbone to help Ukraine put a stop to Russia’s seizure of its territory, then it needs to be planning decisive measures for the day after, rather than simply repeating the errors that followed Putin’s Crimean land grab in 2014 and led directly to the 2022 invasion.”

Washington could NOT defeat Moscow in its own backyard and now the world can see it. Don’t even bother attempting to “defeat” China in its own hood. You could not defeat Moscow and the Chinese dwarf both of you by orders of magnitude. The ‘chip war’ isn’t going well at all according to latest reports, with the State Department panicking at China’s unsurprising progress. What matters from this point forth will be hard commodities over dying dollars. Money printing no longer works, and neither does the US military/proxy gambit.

We should therefore expect an acceleration of two phenomena already occurring across late-stage America:-

1. Cultural de-civilisation (epigenetics)
2. Powering-down economy (physics)

It doesn’t matter if Donald Trump gets re-elected either. Nothing can reverse entropic time anymore than Rome could reverse its own enormous civ. cyclical history. Their powerful leaders were acutely aware of their own demise but nothing could be done to stop biological regression taking place.

You should be learning this painful reality on my network by now because I don’t do irrational exuberance or unwarranted optimism. If you want that sort of stuff, go listen to the political elite, switch on MSM and I wish you best of luck.

It is what it is, one should adjust psychologically sooner rather than later for your own wellbeing, so that you don’t feel “humiliated” yet again.

I don’t know about you lot but I feel rather vindicated like some sort of Yoda, having ditched liberal-logic long ago, opting for deeper wisdom.

Something “the West” forgot.


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