“The Left” ends up being crushed by a spectacular combination of factors

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And the problem with “The Right” (US/UK/Western Europe) that I see today, is that they don’t understand epigenetics, nor do they understand the immense power of the civilisation cycle…

This substack post reflects the confusion at hand.

“The Left” in reality, constitutes the “Character Regressed (or Regressing)” physiologically. Note that I said “physiology” and not “psychology”. Regression is a physical biological phenomenon. Bio-historically, this is also what happened to citizens across late-stage Greek-City states, late-stage Rome, as they cycled to oblivion. The rules that govern civilisational mechanics are universally applicable for all human beings.

Enormous generational “phase-changes” in character along the cycle are happening, that often remain hidden and invisible to the naked eye and to the ignorant intellectual mind because no one knows how to turn inwards studying human nature under a microscope. No one knows how to track let alone attack, the epigenetic root causes of decay of people themselves.

As “The Left” ends up being crushed by a spectacular combination of factors such as 1. bad environment, 2. bad childrearing strategies, 3. bad cultural technologies (i.e. lack of true character-building religions), this epigenetic hell will be reflected in how they “limbic-feel over neocortex-think”, thus how they ultimately behave.

“The Ignorant” only detect external behaviours that triggers our senses just as we see the bomb that detonates but not the fuse that lit it, nor inner-workings of it. We don’t see what’s going on inside right down to DNA.

In reality, our temperamental set-point as a species is low, we want to be “hunter-gatherer”. This is our natural default setting, so the West’s “Left”, is simply returning to its primordial steady state. They’re regressing metaphysically from order back to chaos and they can only bring hell with them. They cannot bring anything less.

This means that there is close to “zero” probability that this phenomenon can be stopped or reversed. That’s how confident we are as CCAs on this niche subject of “Rise and Decline”. One should never be absolute in science, so we stick with “close to zero” probability that we do not end up in a new “Dark Age” environment to rival sub-Rome.

Because labour-saving technology accelerates regression, the only solution to this phenomenon, is to leave those areas where a “negative species” is emerging, partition off “Biblical Safe Zones” that arise and then defend them vigorously. This is all that can be done today.

The “Wild West” will inevitably abandon the concept of today’s nation states let alone global institutions. New networks will emerge, new cultures, new nations. For the first time in biological history, we have the internet and interconnectivity on a scale never before seen since the dawn of time itself.

History didn’t end with liberalism, it’s speeding up, accelerating towards exciting destination unknown.


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The Culture War Impasse

AUG 29, 2023

In the wake of Jim Caviezel’s Sound of Freedom, “Leftist” commentators have drawn the battle lines, proclaiming their staunch defense of child trafficking and pedophilia:


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