The late comedian George Carlin nails it

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For those that still have relatively functioning brains, robust characters, just sit back and watch how the masses gradually lose their minds on a daily basis. Watch how they’re trapped in this comical if not tragic mainstream media symbiosis.

This is what I do in my own autistic/sadistic way, and I’m completely at peace with the disintegration of “civilisation” which simply means the bulk of the people scaled-up. It is their temperament and character that matters and it is their T&C that’s *regressing back to the mean [*we have a very low species temperamental set-point]. This means that physical regression has to occur as physiological regression takes place, making our lives much harder as it was across sub-Rome Europe. This hardship went on for hundreds upon hundreds of years until levels of stress and anxiety fell enough so that we could cycle back-up again to new heights.

All our cynical political elites do is skillfully pick up on this ‘mass-psychosis and regression’ of society. They diligently read the mood-music of their respective nations correctly and then pander to the chimp-like emotional temperament and regression taking place of the voting public. This is happening across America, Britain and swathes of Europe.

I’ll continue to share snippets re epigenetics, how your environment, childrearing strategies that you were exposed to and even cultural values/technologies, all shape the way you think, feel and ultimately behave.

Were you raised liberal, woke, religious? What were your parent’s stock? etc.

All of it matters…

We shape the fate and fortunes of entire civilisations. You must never forget that you always get the government you deserve in life. Those politicians reflect you, your true temperament. As a general rule, if you are woke then your government will be woke, if you’re broke shortly after, then your government will be broke. If you’re a lunatic, then your government will be full of lunatics.

Sit back, watch the Spenglerian “great unwind” as it all unfolds around you and learn to let it go. It’s liberating observing a truthful framework for civ. cyclical reality do its thing from a distance, it’s both fascinating and amusing too. Every now and again dive in but then re-anchor back in reality if you feel yourself being dragged too deep into the psychological vortex.

Cycles, it’s all about cycles. You are the ones cycling and you don’t even know it.


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Dan Hood

Dan is a Civilisation Cycles Analyst Based in Manchester, England, United Kingdom Michael Haupt 👉 Society 4.0 Dan Hood 👉 Supercivilisaton: Antidote to Dark Age Michael is an "Optimistic Collapsologist" | Tentative title of upcoming book: The Art of Joyous Collapse | Creator of LifeLegacyAI

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