Survey Finds Most Georgia Voters Think Trump Prosecution Unfair

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Most Georgia voters believe that the prosecution of former President Donald Trump by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is unjust.

A recent telephone and online survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports and The Absolute Truth with Emerald Robinson revealed that 56% of likely Georgia voters think the prosecution is unfair, while 39% deem it to be valid.

However, a significant portion (37%) of respondents do not believe that Willis is unfairly prosecuting Trump, with 28% reporting that this is Very Unlikely. Moreover, the majority of Georgia voters have expressed concern regarding the integrity of elections in their state.

Approximately 35% of individuals do not believe that fraud impacted the 2020 Georgia election, with 22% expressing that it is “Not At All Likely” and 13% unsure. Furthermore, 53 percent of Georgia voters support holding a special session of the legislature to prevent Willis from bringing charges against Trump, with 37 percent strongly in favor of this idea.

Conversely, 38% would oppose such a legislative session, 30% of whom would express strong opposition.

Below are some other key findings from the Rasmussen Reports/Absolute Truth poll of Georgia’s Likely Voters:

– If Georgia’s Republican Gov. Brian Kemp publicly opposed the Fulton County DA’s prosecution of Trump, 36% of voters say it would make them more likely to vote for Kemp in the future, while 33% say it would make them less likely to vote for Kemp and 24% say it wouldn’t make much difference. Fifty-eight percent (58%) of the state’s Republican voters would be more likely to vote for Kemp if he came out publicly against Willis’s prosecution of Trump.

– Fifty-five percent (55%) of Georgia voters believe it is likely that cheating will affect the outcome of the 2024 presidential election in their state, including 27% who say it’s Very Likely. Seventy percent (70%) of Republicans in Georgia think cheating is at least somewhat likely to affect next year’s election outcome, as do 44% of Democrats and 51% of voters not affiliated with either major party.

– Forty-five percent (45%) of Georgia voters approve of President Joe Biden’s job performance, including 26% who Strongly Approve. Fifty-two percent (52%) disapprove of Biden’s performance as president, including 43% who Strongly Disapprove. Biden’s job approval is 80% among Democrats and 66% among black voters in Georgia, while 84% of Republicans and 64% of whites disapprove of Biden’s job performance.

– Fifty-eight percent (58%) of Georgia voters have a favorable impression of Trump, including 34% with a Very Favorable opinion. Forty-one percent (41%) view Trump unfavorably, including 33% with a Very Unfavorable impression of the former president. Eighty-eight percent (88%) of Georgia Republicans view Trump at least somewhat favorably.

– If the 2024 election were held today, Trump would win Georgia by a nine-point margin, with 47% to Joe Biden’s 38%.

– Fifty-one percent (51%) believe the Georgia legislature should use its oversight authority to investigate Willis, while 34% are opposed to such an investigation, and 14% are not sure.

Last week, Judge Scott McAfee delivered a major setback to District Attorney Willis when he ruled that Donald Trump would not be required to stand trial in October along with co-defendants Kenneth Chesebro and Sidney Powell, who had filed for a “speedy trial” motion.

This week’s reports highlighted that McAfee has separated both Chesebro and Powell from Trump and the remaining sixteen defendants.

The ruling is seen as a major setback for the prosecution of Donald Trump, whose legal team has waived their right to file a motion for a speedy trial and submitted multiple motions to dismiss the charges against the 45th President and potential Republican 2024 nominee.

Kyle Becker, host of the Relentless Podcast, shared an ABC News report on X (formerly known as Twitter) that included comments such as “This is not a good day for the Fulton County DA.”

“Fani Willis wasn’t there, but you got to imagine… she’s throwing things against the wall based on this hearing,” ABC News Executive Editorial Producer John Santucci told audiences.

He added that the ruling is “a great win for Donald Trump and others that did not want to be part of this speedy trial case.”

“I can tell you, sitting here with you, just texting with some of the attorneys involved in the other defendants, celebrating ‘Yay, victory!’” Santucci added.

In other words, Fani, your political persecution is helping us. Keep going.

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