Is Government the New God? – The Religion of Totalitarianism

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Many thanks Stephen. This part of the essay in particular, stands out…

“In the mid 20th century Carl Jung watched the religion of totalitarianism sweep across Europe, and his words serve as a call-to-action for all who see the perils we face:-

Where are the superior minds, capable of reflection, today? If they exist at all, nobody heeds them. Instead there is a general running amok, a universal fatality against whose compelling sway the individual is powerless to defend himself. And yet this collective phenomenon is the fault of the individual as well, for nations are made up of individuals. Therefore the individual must consider by what means he can counter the evil.

–Carl Jung, Civilization in Transition”

Our understanding of ourselves (for all our sophistication), has fallen dangerously behind.

I see that our temperamental set-point as a species is very low. I also see that the rise and fall of civilisations is based upon the temperament of the individual, the deeper systems within that individual shaping how they think, feel and act. Environment, childrearing strategies experienced, cultural values, all combine to determine your level of slavery or freedom susceptibility along the ‘character’ spectrum. This forms the basis of the political spectrum in each country and across each civilisation. There is even a global temperament spectrum between civilisations that can be mapped out.

Know that once freedom is gone, it is gone. What the hell is a life lived of slavery? I continue to warn not out of fatalism but a call-to-action of purpose and fight no matter the outcome. Do you have the will, force and deed?

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