Campaign Expert: Dems Positioning to Replace Biden with Michelle Obama

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Steve Stockman is a former Congressman who served two non-consecutive terms, from 1994 to 1996 when he defeated the 42-year incumbent Chair of the Judiciary Committee, and returned to Congress 14 years later for one term from 2010 to 2012.

He was persecuted by Jack Smith of the Obama Department of Justice and sentenced to 10 years in prison for non-profit fundraising, where the DOJ alleged that he had committed fraud even though no donors voiced any complaints regarding how their funds were utilized.

On Christmas Day 2020, President Trump commuted the sentence of former Congressman Steve Stockman, who is a notable figure on the political and campaign right.

Despite facing long odds, Stockman was successful in his efforts.

Michelle Obama

Stockman has asserted that there are significant indicators indicating the Democrats are likely to replace Joe Biden with Michelle Obama as their 2024 presidential candidate.

Here’s the transcript from a TGP interview:

TGP: Why Michelle Obama?

Stockman: “The most revealing ‘tell’ is that the 2024 DNC Convention is being held in Chicago. It’s not a swing state, it’s not a city important to Biden, why not Pennsylvania or a state the Democrats will need in ’24? Because they want a coronation for Michelle. She’s got the national name ID, she rings the right bells for their key constituencies, and the rest of the Democrat leadership are octogenarians. They want a third Obama term. Obama is coordinating the Biden administration, even the Washington Post is admitting all the White House vehicles are going over to Obama’s house in DC. The media has started attacking Biden and it’s not a coincidence, it’s a signal that they’re going to pressure him to step down.”

TGP: What do you think Obama has been up to?

Stockman: “The huge Obama campaign machine from 2008, which absolutely steamrolled McCain and the RNC RINOs, never went away. Those people went into government and have kept campaign-oriented non-profits that have been doing the heavy lifting across the country. Look at the way they put certain ballot initiatives in key states like Michigan. They combined a huge pro-abortion referendum with major changes in election law on the same ballot. That’s not a coincidence, and they had blank check funding from billionaires to do so. You don’t need money to win necessarily, but when it’s that lopsided it’s very hard to win. They absolutely blew Republicans out of the water by being overfunded. They’re using these things to change election law so that they can maintain power forever.”

TGP: How will they be able to pull that off, keeping power forever?

Stockman: “The media never talks about Eric Holder anymore, but he’s been busy ensuring that Republicans will never win a national election again. He’s been utilizing lawfare to make sure that key states, key electoral votes, will always be out of reach. Because the Republicans never fight back, they’re getting away with this.”

TGP: Why haven’t Republicans seen this persecution coming? It seems to have been coming for years.

Stockman: “My 2017 trial and persecution was a bit of a test run I’m afraid. The prosecutors and the ‘public integrity’ prosecutors don’t bother with the Biden Crime Family and only once in a blue moon do they go after someone like Sen. Menendez. But they systemically go after all the major donors and campaign staff on the right. They’ve been doing it for years but people on the right dismiss each time it happens as just somebody making mistakes: they assume the defendants deserve it. These prosecutors are now even going after Republican attorneys and Presidential electors. They can’t hide it anymore. They will prosecute Trump for jaywalking at this point. This is a political version of the Phoenix Program in Vietnam: they’re legally assassinating our leadership and key people so that we can’t challenge their power. They will never stop. I’m making a t-shirt that says ‘If you haven’t been arrested or investigated by the FBI yet, you’re not trying hard enough.’”

TGP: How do you know this is about power and not about people making mistakes or inadvertently breaking the law?

Stockman: “What’s telling to me is that the charlatans on the right never get harassed. The true grifters go unscathed. It’s only the good guys who get raided by the FBI and get endlessly harassed. Look at what the Obama/Biden people do to our good guys: Judicial Watch, James O’Keefe, Trump, they are relentless at hurting our key leaders. They come after them like this because they know these defendants are effective and they’re sincere, they actually believe what they say. If you challenge power, they come at you hard. If you just lie and steal, they leave you alone. They give awards to Bush, McCain and Romney and give subpoenas to Trump.”

TGP: How long do you think this has been going on? What’s the scale of what’s happening?

Stockman: “Former Rep. Bob McEwen and Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton were both approached recently at their homes by the FBI. They were there to threaten them. Even the conservative media aren’t talking about it. I know conservative attorneys that are being raided right now as well, and few know about it. The attorneys involved think it’ll go away or blow over if they don’t say anything about it. This happened during the 1990’s as well, but it’s not documented anywhere. The Clinton administration was systemically harassing and prosecuting conservative and the political right. We’re in a war and the show trials are starting and there are more to come. When the DOJ/FBI comes for you, will you be quiet or will you speak up? History shows most people are going to be quiet and the media won’t even write about it after the fact. We don’t even need the FBI anymore but instead of getting smaller, it’s getting much larger.”

TGP: Why wouldn’t the left just keep winning elections? They’re in power now, why would they need to do these things?

Stockman: “That’s not how they think. They’re in power, and they want to permanently preserve that power. They know how much effort it takes for them to win elections right now, so they want to make it easier for them to win. And sometimes they get stuck with bad candidates. Watching Biden court the youth vote last cycle was so shameless. He talked about marijuana and pot convictions, and then never let anyone  convicted of pot out. He never changed any of the federal laws about pot. He talked about student loan relief, and yet no students got any relief. He gets to blame the judges. Biden convinced single women they were about to lose the ability to have abortions, and it was just all fearmongering to get their votes. If the voters on the left ever figured out what the elected Democrats were really doing to their kids, jobs, futures, they’d lose every election. The way the left courts voters shows what they really think about us: that we’re all suckers. They turned out the vote based on false fears and then ignored these groups once they won. They need to structurally set up our system to ensure that they always win because eventually the public will get wise to the Democrat’s con.”

TGP: What are ways the left has outmaneuvered the right on campaigns?

Stockman: “They unify all their campaign data into one company, which shares its lists with all the non-profits on the left. A genius move and most on the right don’t even know about it. They’re generations ahead of the right at this point. The left has also figured out how to get illegal corporate contributions into campaigns. They have enlisted these companies into turning out left-wing voters. For example: they get TikTok to focus on young liberal voters who aren’t voting, and push them daily to vote during early voting. This is a corporate campaign donation but no Republican will prosecute it and there’s nothing similar to that on the right.”

TGP: Where do you think the political left is weak right now?

Stockman: “The left’s cultural revolution has alienated them from their blue collar voters, and so Biden’s anxious about losing their votes. The left can win them on economic issues but are losing bad on social and moral issues. That’s why it’s so important that Trump is highlighting the way Democrats scam their voters on economics: Biden’s EV car policies are going to cost them all their jobs. Republicans have to show these Democrat voters how the Democrats are bankrupting their wallets and offshoring their jobs. But the left-wing extremism is hurting them everywhere, the tranny agenda, all of it. This is why the poll numbers with black men are changing, people are tired of this garbage agenda. The problem is that the RINOs are going to see this as their moment to shine. Instead of getting any authentic real right-wing alternative, we face a major danger that the Bush family will come out of their caves and try to take back control as Democrat-lite, Democrats without so much nasty.”

TGP: What’s going to happen, where do you see this all going?

Stockman: “I think what’s ultimately going on is that the color revolutions that Washington pushes on the rest of the world are now being turned back on America. We are in the midst of our own color revolution pushed by our own government. They’ll invent or use another crisis to make sure they never lose power again. They’re going to take more power and then the surveillance state at their disposal is going to make 1984 look like Galt’s Gulch in comparison. Good people need to stand up and fight for America because the left-wing billionaires behind all of this are going to turn us into their bug-eating slaves.”

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