Burbank’s Democrat Mayor Gets Spanked by Drag Queen at “Child-Friendly” Fundraiser

Burbank city Mayor Konstantine Anthony has been the subject of controversy after video footage surfaced showing him being spanked by a drag queen at a fundraiser for a Democratic senate candidate in California.

Reports that children were present at the event, which were spread on social media accounts such as LibsofTikTok, have only intensified the situation.

“Another day, another wildly inappropriate drag show…but wait! This one’s somehow worse. At a drag-themed fundraiser for a Democratic senate candidate in California, Burbank city mayor Konstantine Anthony got SPANKED by a drag queen. And kids were present,” LibsofTiktok wrote on her Substack.


Mayor Konstantine Anthony’s response to being called out in the original video’s comments section raised many questions about whether he considers such behavior appropriate, especially due to his prior approval of the controversial book, ‘Gender Queer’, for availability in Burbank schools.

Furthermore, there was controversy surrounding the age restriction for the event as Mayor Anthony stated it was a “private 21+ event” and that “no children were present.”

“Actually, there weren’t any children at this private 21+ event. But of course, lying is totally on brand for you,” Anthony responded to LibsofTiktok’s post.

“So why does the advertisement say 15+?” LibsofTiktok refuted.

This statement contradicted the drag queen performer’s Instagram post, which noted the event was open to individuals ages 15 and up while also stating it was “not suitable for children.”

After being confronted with lying about the age requirement, the mayor responded to these conflicting claims: “Regardless of advertising, there were no children at the event. But you weren’t there, so you wouldn’t know. Easier to speculate and lie, right?”

“You lied and you were caught. You lost all credibility. Hope the spanking was worth it bro,” LibsofTiktok wrote.

“So you agree that no children were in attendance?” Anthony responded.

“So you agree you lied about it being a private 21+ event?” LibsofTiktok argued.

A photograph of a child purportedly in attendance at the event was shared by LibsofTiktok.

Natalie Winters, co-host and executive editor of Steve Bannon’s War Room, uncovered some troubling tweets from the mayor that appears to be in support of pedophilia.

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Craig Bushon

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