Apple Climate Change Initiative Permanently Removes All Carbon From Earth’s Atmosphere

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In just a few decades, environmentalism has shifted from an emphasis on protecting the environment to seeking ways to eliminate it. Billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates, for instance, has proposed cutting down trees.

Apple is now taking aim at carbon dioxide, one of the essential components of life on earth. In a recent commercial about climate change – if you can bear viewing it – Apple employees (mainly people of color) gather around a table and talk with “Mother Nature”, portrayed as a black woman.

Given that Western media commonly portrays the general population as mainly black, in spite of black people only making up 12 percent of the total US population, it is reasonable for Apple to choose a black woman to represent our world and its environment.

Mother Nature makes an appearance in the ad, lecturing on global warming and climate change. She claims that Apple can take action to resolve the “crisis” by completely eliminating carbon from the atmosphere – watch it if you’re brave enough!

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, tweeted a video along with a message to both Apple customers and X (formerly Twitter) users that his company believes climate change is one of the most pressing priorities for our world.

“Today we had a special guest – a real force of nature – stop by to check on our progress,” he tweeted, trying to make a joke.

The table starts to rumble like an earthquake – the black woman playing the role of Mother Nature is quite large, so it only makes sense – before she sashays into the room and sarcastically apologizes, sort of, for keeping everyone waiting.

“Mother Nature: welcome to Apple,” Cook then states in dweebish form. “How was the weather getting in?”

“The weather is however I wanted it to be,” Mother Nature responds in arrogance. “Let’s cut to the chase: In 2020, you promised to bring Apple’s entire carbon footprint to zero by 2030.”

Mother Nature then takes a jab at Cook’s appearance, comparing him to Henry David Thoreau and scoffing at the promises Apple has made concerning climate change. She implies that Apple hasn’t done enough to prioritize environmentalism.

The awkward moment continues with another chubby man nervously informing Mother Nature that Apple plans to stop using plastic packaging for all products by 2024, substitute recycled aluminum, and eliminate leather from iPhone cases–considering cows are considered bad by left-wingers.

At the point when Cook talks about eliminating all carbon from the atmosphere, he explains to Mother Nature that, for some reason they particularly favor 2030, all Apple products will have a “net-zero climate impact” by then. In response to this statement, Mother Nature begins a strange staring contest with Cook.

“After watching that, it should be painfully and alarmingly clear to everyone that climate change is a religious cult that lacks sanity, and is not based in facts or science,” commented about the ad.

“And if we don’t deprogram these whackos quickly, this entire country will turn into one big GREEN kool-aid party, where, if Apple has their way, nobody survives.”


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