Zelensky now threatens Israel after recently threatening Poland

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Many global security experts now believe that Zelensky (on behalf of Biden Inc.), has lost his war against the Russian Federation, who argues it was forced to take massive combined-arms defensive actions against an encroaching NATO. Moscow’s kinetic actions also look to have triggered accelerated decline of Washington’s Liberal World Order.

Zelensky now threatens Israel after recently threatening Poland. Kyiv condemned ‘unfriendly’ Polish decisions to extend Ukrainian grain ban in order to protect its own domestic economy. Zelensky also threatened Hungary too, and relations have continued to sour.

Other European leaders have also begun to distance themselves from him, France for example, perhaps reading the writing on the wall. Germany’s economy looks horrific after Biden/Ukrainians blew up Nord Stream energy supplies to Europe. For two quarters in a row, its economic output has declined. In the most recent quarter, Germany’s GDP has stagnated at the level of the previous quarter. Most important economic indicators show a steep decline.

The last NATO meeting looked terrible as leaders lost patience with his ‘ungrateful’ demands. Britain’s rejected NATO Chief contender, resigning Defence Secretary, Ben Wallace, shot back at Zelensky warning him to be more grateful in future. “We’re not Amazon”. Israel has consistently refused to provide Zelensky with its advanced weapons systems much to his anger.

As the war drags on, as losses on the ground mount, he’s becoming more extreme. Questions are being asked about his relationship with the notorious Azov Brigade. Before the war, these questions were asked by MSM outlets like Reuters: “Ukraine’s neo-Nazi 👉 problem” https://lnkd.in/e3prkSws. Questions like these were suppressed during the start of the war, only to have resurfaced again.

Israel’s government immediately fires back at Zelensky’s erratic accusations…

“I completely reject the claims about the humiliation of Ukrainian citizens upon entering Israel,” Arbel said. “The Israeli immigration policy welcomes tourists from many countries in the world, including Ukraine. In cases where there is suspicion of illegal use of a tourist visa for work or settlement purposes, the Population and Immigration Authority exercises its legal authority…”

His behaviour certainly seems more extreme, dictatorial, and increasingly troublesome, as reality fails to square with his goals. He’s cancelled elections, political opposition, he’s shut down churches by force, he’s arrested journalists, he’s forcing military unsuitable males to serve at gunpoint, American taxpayer money has vanished. He continues to ask for more and more money when that taxpayer money is desperately needed inside America.

My goodness, the angry little chap wants to eat your soul. It’s not looking good at all.

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Ukraine warns Israel: Maltreatment of refugees will cost you Uman

In a statement from his weekly briefing to Ukrainians, and published on the Ukrainian president’s official government website, Zelensky said, ”I listened to the report of the Border Guard, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Intelligence regarding the treatment of our citizens – immigrants who are in different countries, and regarding visa regimes. The things that the citizens of Ukraine actually face in the visa issue. Managers responsible for these issues have been given appropriate tasks. The rights of Ukrainian citizens must be guaranteed.”

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