They are reviving the ancient language that Jesus once spoke.

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Psalm 50 in Aramaic

Have mercy on me, O’God – ܪܲܚܸܡܥܠܲܝ ܐܲܠܵܗܵܐ ܐܲܝܟ݂ ܛܲܝܒ̇ܘܼܬ̣ܵܟ݂

(with Lyrics)

Language of the Gods

Semitic language of the Northern Central, or Northwestern, group that was originally spoken by the ancient Middle Eastern people known as Aramaeans. It was most closely related to Hebrew, Syriac, and Phoenician and was written in a script derived from the Phoenician alphabet.

There’s a village in Israel where Christian children are learning Aramaic in a bid to revive the ancient language that Jesus once spoke. Jish, nestled away in the Galilean hills where Jesus lived and preached, about 80 children in grades one through five study Aramaic as a voluntary subject for two hours a week.

Meanwhile, many Western kids are being taught something very different and very insidious.

Perhaps it’s time to re-anchor again? Those who wish to re-identify but don’t know how. There’s no substitute for action. Learning, experience through immersion.


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Psalm 50 In Aramaic: Have mercy on me, O God – ܪܲܚܸܡܥܠܲܝ ܐܲܠܵܗܵܐ ܐܲܝܟ݂ ܛܲܝܒ̇ܘܼܬ̣ܵܟ݂ (Lyric video)

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