The Liberal World Order is coming to an end.

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All eyes on 21c Africa Rising as declining civilizations vs rising ones, duke it out…

Awakening Africa is no longer intimidated by collapsing civilizations, America/Europe because they’re no longer financial dependent. India, Russia and China have arrived.

Authorities in Mali + Burkina Faso recently issued a joint-statement on the developing situation in Niger, where they warned ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) against an invasion, stating that an attack on Niger would mean an attack on Mali + Burkina Faso.

Algeria will also support Niger in case of “external military aggression“, according to the Algerian publication (X @IntelKirby), warning that Algeria will not remain idle while its neighbouring country faces an invasion.

In solidarity with Niger, three neighboring countries, Guinea, Burkina Faso, and Mali, have also decided not to enforce sanctions imposed by ECOWAS. These nations, themselves facing sanctions under pressure from woke leaders like Joe Biden, have chosen not to take punitive measures.

The French embassy reading the writing on the wall, just announced the evac of its citizens from the country “very soon“. Macron Inc. may no longer be able to support his 200 EUR-per-month habit manicuring his beautiful hair.

Rising civilizations that are wise, tend to go into less-developed parts of the world and then help to develop things, they build hospitals, ports, bridges, rail networks, infrastructure etc. They build up trade-nodes. They don’t impose their culture nor values like others try to do, nor do they plunder, they just build without preconditions as they develop their global networks for trade.

“My generation does not understand this: how can Africa at this point, which has so much wealth, become the poorest continent in the world today?”

–Ibrahim Traore, President of Burkina Faso

The Liberal World Order is coming to an end. For much of the world, it’s failed. What we now seem to be witnessing, is the rise of a new Multipolar World Order.

On an even more fundamental level, one must remember that nothing can stop the powerful civilization cycle, especially when a society, a nation, a group of nations, have become so wealthy and densely urbanized. There’s only one destination from this point forth as societies “behaviorally-sink” into the four horsemen.

This is going to cause a natural vortex, nations around the world will be trying to manage this ‘rise and fall of empire’ vortex as best as they can. It is important that you have the correct framework with which everything makes sense. This must be based upon deeper truths and wisdoms. This is why for example, we choose to delve deep into civilizational mechanics.

Biden Inc., will be tempted to deploy US troops to Africa to fight yet another proxy war. Obviously, he’s going to lose which will further accelerate geostrategic decline. In the West today, Liberals aren’t Christians and Woke aren’t Liberals. Woke are certainly not Christians.

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