“Team Biden”, his flawed/incompetent temperament, was always predicted to trigger chaos.

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No one knows what they’re talking about re inflation, deflation in finance…

Track those with most power to do damage to the world, not events. Terms like “inflation” & “deflation” meaningless without context. Track old men in power. This means geopolitics. To do this, go even deeper tracking those “limbic-lunatics” i.e. liberals/woke that elect them.

Thus “Team Biden”, his flawed/incompetent temperament, was always predicted to trigger chaos…

Straight off the back of insane Covid totalitarianism, rabid money printing, limbics decided to recklessly expand NATO without calculating consequences, promising Zelensky all sorts of liberal fantasies.

Team Putin picked these signals up choosing to counterattack kinetically far harder than Team Biden predicted. Team Putin was forced to “buffer-zone” the *NATO (*American) threat, which is fair enough on the global chessboard. Reasonable/prudent/logical not wanting “NATO” on Russian borders etc.

Would America want China in Mexico?

War waged by Orthodox Russians subsequently erupted. Unbelievably, in Britain, energy watchdog failed to contingency-plan for energy disruption due to war. No one saw it coming.

Short-lived liberal/vassal, Boris Johnson, was dispatched by Team Biden:-

“Zelensky, you can win war, don’t negotiate.”

Boris believed he was Churchill, more like Joker. Zelensky believed him, ditching suit & tie, reinforcing fantasy with choreographed hugs of joy.

Team Biden inevitably & eventually due to nuke superpower Russian superiority/proximity/determination, lost proxy war with sanctions backfiring.

Washington effectively imposed “guns over butter” on an already weak Europe with persistently high unemployment. There will now be political consequences as Europeans forced to choose “food or dollars”?

Post-sanctions, weaponisation of currency, financial system, large parts of world began “long de-dollarisation” process due to reckless weaponisation phenomenon. This long-process will not stop, therefore “dollar = denarius 2”.

The Fed as a direct result of Team Biden’s suicidal liberal expansionary foreign policy panicked, forced to “emergency-jack” rates at speeds never before seen in financial history, sending global economy smashing through windscreen headfirst into brick wall.

What did you expect would happen when Fed was forced to react to such enormous energy-shock inflation that Joe Tzu triggered?

The West doesn’t have enough energy now needed to survive. Russia has resources, West has crap dollars. China made stuff to sell to West because West couldn’t be bothered to make stuff anymore. US libs offshored everything in their infinite strategic wisdom.

Covid lockdowns, money printing, war, inflation, jacking rates, energy/food crisis, net zero, wokeness – all conspire to slam breaks on what people can actually afford to spend downrange. Demand crashes, global deflation, collapse of globalisation.

Let’s hope no world war in nuclear era because of Team Biden.

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Dan is a Civilisation Cycles Analyst Based in Manchester, England, United Kingdom Michael Haupt 👉 Society 4.0 Dan Hood 👉 Supercivilisaton: Antidote to Dark Age Michael is an "Optimistic Collapsologist" | Tentative title of upcoming book: The Art of Joyous Collapse | Creator of LifeLegacyAI

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