Is America in decline?

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Is there a law which says you have to signal your “intellectualism” with bookshelves in the background? Could we be signalling intellectual insecurity more than anything else? Whenever Feynman was being interviewed, he just got on with it. Here’s a two minute clip of him talking about mastering algebra as a kid, the beautiful English countryside in the background.

Re education system…

“A series of steps by which you could get the answer if you didn’t understand what you were trying to do.”

I digress, fascinating listening to US/UK “intellectual” types struggling to cope with demise…

00:00 – America’s rising instability
00:45 – Is America in decline?
03:21 – America’s foreign policy failures
05:23 – Is this the end of American intervention?
07:02 – America’s domestic decline: what can be done?
09:09 – Will the infrastructure bill help?
10:40 – Is declinism inevitable?

The Economist tends to peddle wishful thinking and quite a lot of lopsided/limbic “analysis”. Can you tell the difference between reality vs your own emotions, tis the question?Economists, technologists, modern “scientists”, have become go-to high priests in our modern-age for figuring out where we’re headed, replacing not only wise-men of old, but also the classically educated, classical humanists: historians, philosophers et al, who’ve developed genuine wisdom. Let alone priests and theologians, who understand human nature from the Bible.

I posted about Richard Dawkins suffering this very same problem as he begins to contemplate whether his whole life’s work peddling Atheism, might have actually been wrong. Darwin was agnostic not an atheist. That has to hurt as we wave goodbye to liberalism.

Dan Hood

Dan Hood

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