Does the US dollar in 2023 represent little more than a dying empire

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There are far too many who don’t see want to see the decline of the dollar in world trade…

It’s happening, you better get used to it. Biden’s tenure has only served to accelerate decline. You cannot have destructive temperamental elites elected by destructive members of society, doing anything other than degrading the fiat dollar.

Don’t look at the intrinsic dollar itself because it’s meaningless junk, rather, study the bulk-physiology of those it represents…

The dollar in 2023 represents little more than a dying empire for the same reasons that the Western Roman empire declined. Neither money printing nor military conquest, yields the results today that empire demands.

We’re seeing now diminishing returns vs increasing complexity with each money-printing burst, or attempted kinetic/proxy war. Nothing is stopping the draining of power. Not even the CIA can stop the draining away of American power, so the only way to go is down.

Might as well turn to Gold as American empire collapses. Bitcoin too, will become the go-to digital asset of the future.

In March 2003, Liberals plus allies, invaded Iraq in order to bring “peace and democracy”. Decades later, trillions spent, countless lives lost, they were forced to withdraw having achieved neither goal. The new government proved hardly more democratic than the old one, menaced by a new force called Islamic State.

This proves without a shadow of a doubt, that Liberals don’t understand civilisational human nature. When we say “Liberals”, we can include both Democrats and Republicans on the spectrum, relative to other civilisations. They’re all liberals. Not much daylight between the two camps.

As a rule of thumb in civilisational mechanics, nothing can stop physiological decline of a people cycling. Many so-called “experts” and “analysts” don’t really understand the biological and behavioural underpinnings of social change, including the rise and fall of civilisations.

If you don’t understand metaphysics and biology, how can you be a good analyst? Elon Musk is a brilliant scientist-cum-engineer because he understands the laws of physics. To become a great civilisational analyst, understand the laws of human nature right down to your DNA.

You’re not witnessing the collapse of purchasing power of the dollar since 1900, rather, you’re witnessing the collapse of temperamental power of the people since 1900.

You are the common denominator re past, present and future. Reframe your thinking by studying yourselves right down to your DNA. You cannot fool massive phase-changes in generational physiology.

Hedge against regression of temperament back to the mean.

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