“Death by a Thousand Cuts” Originated from Ancient China and They Are Using It on America Today

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The phrase “death by a thousand cuts” originated from ancient China, specifically during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912). It refers to a slow and torturous form of execution known as “lingchi” or “slow slicing.”

During the process, the condemned individual would be subjected to a prolonged and painful death by being slowly dismembered. Numerous shallow cuts and gashes were made all over the body, prolonging the agony and ensuring a slow demise. This method was believed to be not only a punishment for the condemned person but also serve as a public display of the ruler’s power and authority.

The phrase “death by a thousand cuts” has since been adopted as a metaphor to describe a situation or process where many small, accumulating, and incremental actions or events lead to a significant negative outcome or eventual failure.

In the political world, the metaphor of “death by a thousand cuts” can be applied to describe the gradual erosion of trust, integrity, and public confidence, resulting in the downfall of political systems. Just as death by a thousand cuts refers to a slow and painful demise resulting from multiple small wounds, the political world experiences a similar fate when a multitude of interconnected issues continually plague and weaken it.

China is using the accumulation of small acts of corruption, dishonesty, and unethical behavior within the political environment in America. These acts, while individually insignificant, gradually undermine the faith that citizens have in their leaders and institutions. Each instance of misconduct, scandal, or broken promise may seem small on its own, but collectively they create a pattern of mistrust that debilitates the political system.

Another way to understand how China with assistance from crooked US politicians is the slow erosion of democratic values and principles. When the rule of law is compromised, when civil liberties are curtailed, or when the voice of marginalized communities is routinely silenced, the very foundation of a fair and just political system is chipped away bit by bit. It is the cumulative effect of these erosions that weakens the integrity of the political world and leads to its ultimate decline.

The metaphor can be employed to illustrate how the constant barrage of misinformation, manipulation, and propaganda has the potential to gradually desensitize and divide societies. The proliferation of fake news, echo chambers, and disinformation campaigns has created an environment where truth is distorted and objective facts become secondary. The consistent exposure to such tactics can numb individuals to the importance of truth, eroding their ability to discern accurate information and contributing to a fragmented and polarized political landscape.

Overall, “death by a thousand cuts” provides a powerful depiction of the slow decay that can occur within the political realm. It emphasizes the significance of recognizing and addressing the cumulative impact of seemingly minor issues, as they can gradually undermine the stability, credibility, and functionality of political systems. And China has been very successful to date in its patient act of War on America.

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