AmeriCan will be PRESERVING AMERICAN VALUES. Please join us!

AmeriCan is a pro America movement! Focusing on the founding principles of every citizen sharing an equal voice in the direction of our great nation.  And its through the free election system that allows this voice to be heard. For to long the American citizen has been marginalized through a strategy of divide and conquer. Each election cycle its the special interest groups and various organizations that seem to get more attention than the overall average citizen. We believe this  is what drove the former rise of the Tea Party and the current MAGA movement. Politicians for to long have ignored  the American citizen that has lost there lively hood to the outsourcing of jobs to foreign nations.

These citizens suffer from the lack of tax dollar investment in there communities by politicians shifting money to there pet projects, boondoggles and bridges to know here. AmeriCan will be uniting these citizens so they become THE interest by elected officials.

The I in AmeriCan is a torch that symbolizes the free will of the individual American Citizen, whether born in the US or Naturalized. The flame of liberty needs to burn bright in each one of us, and is fed by the love of country and the patriotism that should be in every citizen. The enemy has spent the last several decades trying to extinguish that flame through an indoctrination and revisionist strategy.

The AmeriCan torch symbolizes the power of the individual citizen, who has the sacred right to vote in every election and to understand that without the individual citizen engaged, there is no America. The fire of liberty in America cannot be allowed to go out!

The capital C is to emphasize the ‘I – Can’ mentality that built this great country! For far too long special interest groups conspiring with crooked politicians on both sides have placed a great precipice between American citizens and their birth right prosperity. They have infiltrated our government to stop us from using our overwhelming abundance of natural resources like fossil fuels, rare earth materials, and a breadbasket large enough that no American should ever go hungry. Its time to get America back to the I – Can mentality.

AmeriCan will be joining in the celebration of America by showcasing the many freedom defenders and all they do to strengthen the Republic. We will reach out across the country,  politicians in office that follow there oath of office broadcasting a variety of entertaining and educational programming. AmeriCan is pushing back on the anti-America revisionists that have infiltrated so many of our sacred government and education. Look for our interviews putting on full display some of the thousands of businesses of all backgrounds that are the backbone of America.

Unfortunately, these businesses have never been in a more dire situation due to such poor political policies. Because of this, AmeriCan is also focusing on the political system and the politicians currently in office, along with those candidates that want to replace them. There is a vast number of talented, honest citizens that want to make a difference, and they just need to be given a voice! AmeriCan is focused on bringing the megaphone to them so they can be heard.

Special interest groups have been deployed throughout the United States, infiltrating towns and cities across the land. We need politicians that genuinely love this nation for its founding principles and will swear to defend them. It’s up to “We the People” to stay consistently engaged to hold them accountable.

To hold the politicians accountable, it takes an engaged society with a competent media. AmeriCan has developed the citizen pledge as a reminder that the Republic will not survive without them.  The candidate pledge must be signed by all if they want the AmeriCan vote. It is a signed reminder to all who see it, that citizens are keeping a close watch on Americas political leaders.

There is no monetary cost to become a citizen member. All we ask is for you to sign the citizen oath (pledge) and help us spread the word. You will have an option to order a custom laser etched signed pledge with your signature to proudly show all about your commitment.

You can also support our mission, by visiting the online store where you can purchase and proudly wear the AmeriCan apparel. We ask that you please spend your money with those companies that support the movement on The Cost Club.


God Bless!

Craig Bushon – Founder

Craig Bushon

Craig Bushon

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