America follows “Britain’s deranged war on cars and gas boilers”

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Tracking ‘Broken’ Britain

Paywalled but you get the general gist…

“Start listening to the voters on cars, crime and wokery, or there’ll be an uprising even bigger than Brexit.”

“Britain’s deranged war on cars and gas boilers, the debanking scandal, the failure to prosecute crime, the attempted cancellation of women, the sabotage of Brexit, the scale of migration: welcome to anti-democratic Britain, where the beleaguered majority is increasingly subject to the whims of an entitled, activist elite that often seems to despise the people over which it exercises so much power.

The policies listed above are deeply unpopular and would be crushed in a referendum, were the politicians brave enough to grant the public a say.

We live in political reality where public opinion is flagrantly disregarded whenever it doesn’t align with the views of the ruling class.

Westminster has become cartelised: the large parties are committed to an unrealistic dash to net zero, refuse to discuss the gargantuan cost involved, and omit to mention that Britain’s carbon emissions are about 3 per cent of China’s.

On the great subjects of our time – family policy, the size of the state, the NHS and even planning rules – there is little difference between Tory, Labour and Lib Dem MPs, disenfranchising millions.”

They won’t listen, far from it, they’ll double down towards another Dark Age. It will be just like the previous Dark Age when Western Rome fell.

You’d think after the Titanic that lessons would have been learnt but nope, you end up with woke liberals like Titan CO/OceanGate CEO, Stockton Rush, who ~100 years later, simply dismissed all warnings and lessons from history, imploding to his inevitable doom, arrogantly taking naïve innocents with him.

Come and join the Ark mentality over Titan/ic. Abandon Broken Britain, drink tea and carry on. I refuse to de-anchor from reality. I advise that you stay firmly anchored with me.

If you de-anchor, you are going to go down.

Britain is now an elite dictatorship where majority opinions are crushed

Start listening to the voters on cars, crime and wokery, or there’ll be an uprising even bigger than Brexit

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