Welcome To Cartel TikTok, Where Mexican Cartels Are Allowed To Place Ads For Human Traffickers!

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The Post Millenial recently investigated the human trafficker ads that the Mexican Cartel is allowed to post on TikTok’s platform.

Here is what they found:

This week, I had the opportunity to ride along with the Kinney County Sheriff’s Department. Kinney County, Texas is a hotspot for human smuggling, facilitated by the cartels. High-speed chases, rollovers, and witnessing graphic deaths are a regular occurrence for deputies in Kinney County. While riding with Deputy Molinar, a veteran deputy from Kinney County, he informed me how cartels are advertising smuggling jobs to Americans.

Skynews video reports:


He showed me one example of an ad on TikTok, and within minutes of looking for myself, I found more than a dozen ads that were blatantly advertising smuggling jobs for the cartel. As I was engaging with these ads, I realized one had an information label from TikTok that read: “Participating in this activity could result in you or others getting hurt.”


Translation: “I need drivers based in Texas. Only serious enquires. Good pay: $10-20K USD in 3 hours. Houston, TX, Dallas, TX, San Marcos, TX, San Marcos, San Antonio, Austin, TX, Waco, TX, Temple, TX. Follow me and DM me if interested and if you have car or truck. We will pay more if you have a trailer.”

As you’ll see, the video with this label is a very obvious example of human smuggling and even shows the process of smuggling migrants past border patrol, chats between the smuggler and the organizer, and then the reward that comes after.


Organizer: “Let me know. When do y’all arrive?”

Smuggler: “40”

Organizer: “Is there traffic?”

Smuggler: “A little bit. No more. 23 min”

This individual account, amongst hordes of others, are permitted to post recruitment videos with the intent to employ American citizens to take part in in human smuggling on behalf of cartels. Instead of deleting these illegal advertisements, TikTok allows cartel recruiters to remain on the platform and coordinate human smuggling operations.

TikTok is recognized for being the platform with draconian censorship, but despite that, they seem to be more preoccupied about Americans voicing their political opinions than organized cartels selecting Americans to commit multiple felonies via human smuggling.

As this article is published, the account that I’ve used as an example is still active and recruiting American citizens to smuggle illegal immigrants. Sheriff Brad Coe of Kinney County states that “99.9% of smugglers they encounter and arrest are American citizens.”


“We’re seeing all walks of life. We’ve had those that are hurting for money, they’re in a bind financially and are looking to make an easy buck. We’ve picked up a couple attorneys that have been smuggling.

“Recently, we caught two girls from active duty, or at this point in time, I think they were National Guard or active duty smuggling. So we’ve seen it all. I ran a check on one kid; he was out of the DFW area. Checked to see where he lived, did a little background looking. And of course he’s living at home, his folks are living in like a $600,000 house. So I don’t think he was here for the money; I think he was here for the thrill. And then there are those who want to make a name for themselves, or try to join a gang or do whatever to get into part on that clique to make the easy money. It’s just not worth it.

Human smuggling ad examples:



Kinney County used to have an average of one pursuit a year, with officers averaging about two or three pursuits over their entire career. Fast forward to now, and some Kinney County sheriff’s deputies find themselves in two or three pursuits a night.

In February of 2023, there was a high-speed pursuit every day of the month, with some days having multiple. These are not even including the pursuits Kinney County sheriff’s deputies assist the Texas Department of Public Safety with. In 2022, Kinney County Sheriff’s Department set a record of close to 200 pursuits in one year.

“That’s one of the most dangerous things a law enforcement officer can get into. When it first started, I could hear the excitement in their voice. I’m in pursuit, we’re doing 104mph blah blah blah. Now? Ahhh, I’m in pursuit, we’re doing speeds of 120-125mph. And they’re on back roads, that’s the part that scares me because you get too used to it, you get too comfortable with it, myself included, that’s when bad things happen.”

Kinney County Sheriff’s Department has prosecuted nearly 6,000 people for criminal trespass and 1,800 people for human smuggling. While riding along with deputies, four smuggling arrests were made in one night. A detail that I found odd was two of the human smugglers were confirmed members of the Aryan Brotherhood out of Oklahoma.

TikTok allowing cartel recruiters to run rampant on their platform is extremely dangerous and irresponsible. The platform isn’t only endangering Kinney County deputies, but it’s dangerous for Americans, illegal immigrants and smugglers as well. Most high-speed chases end in a very serious accident, speeds can reach all the way up to 170mph, depending on the case.

Below you will see two examples of what deputies go through on an average day in Kinney County.

Crashes leading to death and serious injury happen on a regular basis. Here are a few of the least graphic examples available, most scenes that Kinney sheriff’s department deputies deal with are far too graphic for the average viewer.




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