This is BIG! France is being eradicated from Africa

France is being eradicated from Africa…

Meet Colonel Assimi Goita, currently the military leader of Mali (West Africa, next to Niger which recently overthrew puppet gov’t). Upon assuming office two years ago, he has systematically expelled the French military, he has broken off colonial ties with France, he has banned French as the official language. Macron’s ‘resource-parasitical’ elites will no longer be tolerated in Africa as nations rise up and assert their sovereignty.

I’m not sure who the man is on the right. Probably Blinken’s nemesis 😉

In other geopolitical news we turn to the Caribbean, Jamaica has refused accreditation (diplomatic immunity etc.) of the provocative ambassador that the White House tried to send, which would be breaking the law in Jamaica. Biden wants to antagonize culture after culture, nation after nation, civilization after civilization, which is precisely why there’s such a coordinated global backlash.

Once again, he’s tried to impose his “Rainbow Flag” values, this time on the legendary Caribbean nation. Other African nations have come to Jamaica’s defense. In response, the White House decided to expel Jamaican diplomats triggering yet further geopolitical tensions at a time a new Multipolar World Order rises.

By the time the dust settles, the ‘Unipart’ will be controlling lawless city-state territories inside New America and that’s about it. Remember, these malfunctioning gerontocrats clinging on to power, are beginning to break down in DC and we can detect this on both sides of the isle today.

The majority of the world is uniting, pushing back at ‘New‘ America, a late-stage empire that many civilizational scientists now believe to be in decline.

My personal opinion is that it’s wise to best manage this temperamental decline with humility, grace, anchored in reality, but what about you?

Do you believe imposing:- 1. “Rainbow Flag” values, 2. de-dollarizing sanctions, 3. fighting failing direct/proxy wars around the world, 4. erecting thought-controlling media matrices etc., are some of the smartest strategic solutions re civilizational decline?

No empire throughout history could stop its decline once underway. We can observe that many of them accelerated their own demise however.

Choose Ark wisdom over Titanic hubris.

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Dan Hood

Dan Hood

Dan is a Civilisation Cycles Analyst Based in Manchester, England, United Kingdom Michael Haupt 👉 Society 4.0 Dan Hood 👉 Supercivilisaton: Antidote to Dark Age Michael is an "Optimistic Collapsologist" | Tentative title of upcoming book: The Art of Joyous Collapse | Creator of LifeLegacyAI

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