Post-colonial Niger has with immediate effect, banned the export of uranium to France

After successfully overthrowing imperial rule by France, post-colonial Niger has with immediate effect, banned the export of uranium to France…

Over 50% of uranium ore extracted from Niger is used for fueling French nuclear power plants. 24% of EU uranium imports come from Niger. In France, 1 in every 3 lightbulbs is powered by Uranium from Niger. Meanwhile in Niger, 80% of people do not have access to electricity.

The European Policy Centre, a Brussels-based not-for-profit think tank on European Union affairs, has published a 3-Point Discussion Plan for ‘Drastic Measures’ as the EU collapses…

“Exceptional times call for exceptional measures” it begins by addressing energy and food crises:

1. War Mindset

“EU leaders must adopt a wartime mindset in their communication and actions”

2. Prepare for Worsening Cost-of-Living Crisis

“EU leaders must accelerate the greening of our energy and food systems”.

3. ‘Stability & Unity’ Propaganda for Public

“EU leaders must collaborate and ensure solidarity across borders and society”.

Macron’s France to begin more attacks upon African nations?

According to Reuters: France has received “permission” for military actions against Niger. The publication states that the overthrown government “allowed” France to “strike” the capital to “liberate the deposed president Mohamed Bazoum.”

The new regime is considering calling upon Moscow and Beijing in order to deal with France. Patience with Macron’s imperialism seems to be wearing thin. Biden’s fluffed it in Ukraine, Macron’s losing across Africa, both nations are disintegrating internally. Britain’s also in the wilderness adrift strategically between US empire and EU empire. After the Russia-Africa Summit, the UK decided to “intensify its engagement” with Africa. Foreign Sec, James Cleverly emphasised that London is “ready to seriously consider any requests from African leaders regarding capacity building and training in the British armed forces.” British troops can “export the professionalism” to the African continent claiming that Russia and China have allegedly made “superficially attractive offers”.


Dan Hood

Dan Hood

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