Nigel Farage declares war on woke/totalitarian banks

Farage Strikes Back 👉 Bankers not “W”ankers (woke bankers) please…

Nigel Farage declares war on woke/totalitarian banks after his terrible un-banking experience at Coutts (NatWest owned, who’s also owned by the taxpayer after 2008 GFC fraud) for his legal, democratic, political positions…

Get woke, go broke…

After public uproar/government inquiry, Coutts CEO Peter Flavel, was subsequently forced to resign in disgrace for failure to put a customer’s interests first; poor oversight within Coutts; and inaccurate communications with its parent. Before being shown the door, he said his handling of Nigel Farage’s case had “fallen below the bank’s high standards”.

Banks don’t have high standards but these (woke bankers) managed to set a new low…

Parent company NatWest’s CEO “Dame” Alison Rose, was also forced to step down with immediate effect after she too admitted to a “serious error of judgment” in discussing former Nigel Farage’s relationship at the bank with a BBC “journalist”. (Can you see the Matrix here?)

What she did may have been illegal…

The disgraced CEO was also the “first female” CEO at the group (a “darling” of FTSE 100 apparently in prior Matrix-media puff pieces). Having worked at the organisation for 27 years, she ended up showing her true colours the moment she acquired power, falling from grace just as fast, just as all that power went to her head. What a sorry end to your career because you couldn’t control your limbic-driven emotions.

What Farage has uncovered is a systematic mass “un-banking” programme taking place. “War on cash, war on thought, war on freedom, war on democracy, war on sovereignty, war on alt-currencies” etc., as woke banks weaponise and politicise what should be completely benign. No one should be un-banked for their democratic political positions. This is both uncivilised and unbecoming of a genuine democracy.

The movement is gaining huge support and traction…

“Our primary mission is to champion fairness and transparency within the banking and financial services sector. We firmly believe that every individual and business, regardless of their size, deserves to be treated ethically and justly. Our collective goal is to challenge unfair practices and ensure that those impacted receive the support and justice they rightly deserve.”

Where is Broke Britain’s “financial Messiah of the people”, Martin Lewis?

Truth is, Broken Britain is sinking into the abyss as totalitarianism sweeps the land and we’re going to be tracking societal decline every step of the way.

Dan Hood

Dan Hood

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