Germany says goodbye to the world as it commits suicide.

It’s official, Germany says goodbye to the world as it commits suicide. “Green” Economy Minister, Robert (Reality) Habeck, warns Germans to prepare for hell…

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‘You’ve had it easy with fossil fuels. We thank New America for blowing up Nord Stream, we thank Greta for her leadership ending fossil fuels. We’re going to commit strategic suicide now and Germans are going to have to suck it up buttercup.’

The federal minister, who has long called for a radical energy policy change, said that Germany faces “five tough years ahead.” Now, I’m no energy expert but something tells me that Germans will be feeling pain for a lot longer than five years, well on the way to a medieval future which is punishment for allowing Washington rule.

Germany needs to find its strategic balance by decoupling just as the Liberal World Order dies. Those that connect to a Multipolar World Order at least stand a chance.

Will the people accept such suicide terms under Habeck, or will we see utopian politicians like this cast aside, strategic rebalance occurring? Habeck warns Germans that there is no reason to fear the situation, but he did not want to ignore the facts that people’s burdens would increase.

When you raise levels of stress and anxiety in a population, rarely do things turn out well if done fast, or perhaps they do if done slowly? I think it also needs to be pointed out that the “EU” was effectively Germany, in the same way that the Roman Empire is effectively America. If history is speeding up we could even see the seeding of the Holy Roman Empire!

Jest aside, I’ve no idea how things are going to turn out but we’re set for major change happening as EU elites experiment with the energy system we’ve relied upon to build up our industrial-technological-informational economies.

Oops we got it wrong, sorry.

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