For the next 18 months I would recommend putting away as much cash as you can

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I am not a conspiracy theorist, nor am I given to alarmism.

However I do have an unusual ability to foresee future events, so take the following for what it’s worth:

If there appears to be any real possibility that the current ruling junta in America might be unseated through legal proceedings or an election, an enormous crisis will almost certainly be manufactured as both a distraction and an excuse to stay in power.

The events of the past three years should be taken as a foreshadowing.

For the next 18 months I would recommend putting away as much cash as you can, buy a month’s supply of non-perishable food and consumable necessities (bathroom tissue, etc), avoid international travel, and if you live in a major city, try to relocate to a more relaxed part of the country.

I’m not saying anything is necessarily going to happen. I’m just saying that conditions are ripe for an emergency and you should take the kind of precautions you would take if a hurricane were coming.

Chief among these precautions is having an escape plan.

Hopefully the American system will triumph and things will go smoothly despite the usual whining and complaining.

But as they taught me in the Boy Scouts, “be prepared.”


Larry Rogak

Larry Rogak

“Lawrence N. Rogak, attorney, philosopher, climate infidel.”

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