2 Children In California Suspended For Five Days After Misgendering Trans Student Had To Go Through ‘Restorative Justice’ Training

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A California school district suspended two children for five days after a misgendering incident took place, and then subjected them to a training called “restorative justice,” according to an email reviewed by Fox News Digital. 

The email was sent by a recently departed principal of Herbert Hoover High School located in the Glendale Unified School District. It was first reported by GUSD Parents Voices.

The former principal, Jennifer Earl, described two students who misgendered a transgender student, and then ran away as the teacher began to correct them.

“I suspended two students for five days each today and will be conducting [restorative justice] with students and teacher for [the misgendering]… In interviewing them, they admitted to being curious about a transgender person,” Earl said.

“I asked [the] teacher [involved in the incident] how he wanted to handle it, if he wanted me to just teach them about misgendering or would he like me to speak about being trans. He asked me to educate on transgender. It was well received from students and parents. [Restorative justice] will happen after suspension,” the email said.

GUSD explained to Fox News Digital that they make determinations if a misgendering – generally described as using the wrong pronouns – is considered bullying based on whether a student’s perceived intent.

“A student has never been punished, much less suspended, for accidentally using the wrong pronoun to refer to a peer or staff member. However, a student could be suspended if the action escalated to harassment or bullying,” a spokesperson said.

The district’s website describes restorative justice on its website.

Restorative justice is a re-education of students and gaining control over a situation based on the perceived wrongs they committed.

First the person making the restorative justice circle will ask “barrier breaking” questions, such as:

“What is the greatest value that guides your life?”

“What gives you the most security?”

“If you could smash one thing… what would you smash?”

“Describe the ideal family.”

Restorative Justice by Glendale Unified School District. (Glendale Unified School District )



The district’s website continues, “When there is harm or conflict within the established community, restorative responses help to repair the damage. This is done through processes that bring harmed and harmers together to address root causes of the conflict, support accountability for those responsible, and promote healing for impacted individuals. As a result, community is once again restored bringing back a sense of belonging to all.”

Part of one’s physical needs vis-à-vis restorative justice is “sexual expression,” according to GUSD.

A spokesperson added, “In Glendale Unified, we work together with our parents as partners to create safe, inclusive environments where every child can learn and thrive. We follow all laws and policies established by the California legislature and the Department of Education.”

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