Trump Post On Truth Social Vows To ‘Take Down The Entire Biden Crime Family’ Upon Regaining the White House

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Former President Donald Trump on Monday unleashed a platform for action if he retakes the White House in the 2024 elections — and Trump’s Republican primary rivals should have been paying just as much attention as President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign.

In a posting on his Truth Social social media platform, Trump vowed that his return to the White House would see a serious prosecution of allegations of corruption encircling Biden and his family, as well as a rebuilding of security to the southern border and a recovery to the policies that made the United States energy independent.

Regarding the atmosphere that Biden’s blatantly political prosecutions have generated among conservatives, it’s a plan Trump’s GOP competitors should be advocating as hard as he is.




Trump announced the plans in customarily uppercase fashion, with One America News Network’s Daniel Baldwin posting them to Twitter late Monday morning.



The commitments to closing the border and supporting energy independence should be standard for any Republican seeking the nomination — even Chris Christie probably knows that much.

But Trump’s decision to make the election about the criminal allegations around President Joe Biden, the self-evidently criminal Hunter Biden and “the entire Biden crime family” takes things to a whole different level.

And while liberals and establishment conservatives are likely to buck at what appears to be an overt politicization of the legal system in this country by the Trump campaign, any honest look at how Democrats have done the same over recent years demands at least the discussion over whether it’s necessary.

And the fact is, it is.

Since Trump’s surprising defeat over Hillary Clinton in 2016, the country has been a witness to an unparalleled weaponization of the federal government — not on behalf of the man who won the White House but on behalf of his adversaries.

While Clinton and her henchmen were treated with kid gloves by the FBI that was presumed to be investigating them, Trump and his supporters were targeted by out-of-control FBI staffers and an FBI leadership team as dishonest as it is corrupt, not to mention a special counsel’s office that spent years and tens of millions of taxpayer dollars on an investigation that added up to a lengthy political assault on the Trump administration on a breathtaking scale.

Since the 2020 election, moreover, all the machinery of the federal government has been turned against Trump and his supporters, not only with the indictments opposing the former president himself, but also the Torquemada strategies of investigators into the Jan. 6 Capitol incursion, which have demonstrated that federal tolerance of political violence depends solely on the side the violators are taking.

Blacks Lives Matter riots and rioters and antifa terrorists are disregarded, demonstrations outside the homes of conservative Supreme Court justices are tolerated to a precisely criminal degree; firebombings of pro-life pregnancy centers get hasty attention, but conservatives can find a SWAT team on their doorstep if they carry out acts the left disapproves of.

Now, in the third year of the Biden presidency, documentation keeps emerging that the “big guy” in the White House has been part of a influence-peddling criminal activity going back to his days as vice president, with family members taking in millions from foreign governments, channeled through shell companies that necessarily remain to conceal money from the government.

And yet the FBI’s most public action is stonewalling House Republican investigators as much as possible, while the bureau’s former director has publicly endorsed Biden’s return to the presidency in 2024.





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