Transgender Activist Pulls Out Breasts At Whitehouse Pride Event

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Transgender activists were seen baring their topless chests at a White House LGBTQ Pride Event hosted by President Joe Biden over the weekend.

Posted to TikTok on Monday by transgender model Rose Montoya, the now-viral video featured the activist and several other transgender activists showing off their pride by shimmying in front of the camera with their naked chests. Montoya, a male model living as a woman, markedly concealed the nipples of his fake breasts while the other two, women living as men, proudly unveiled their scars from breast reduction surgery.

“Are we topless at the White House?” Montoya could be heard saying as the camera exposed the half-naked activists dancing in front of the White House.

Prior to the big moment, Montoya could be seen shaking hands with President Joe Biden, thanking him for his LGBTQ Pride support.


The image went viral on Monday, sparking severe reactions online:

As Breitbart News reported, the Biden White House stood accused of violating the U.S. flag codes when it displayed a Pride flag at the White House in place of the American flag.

“President Joe Biden’s (D) administration is getting roasted for a display at the White House on Saturday that appeared to disrespect the American flag while celebrating the LGBTQ community,” it reported. “During the event, a set of flags displayed on the White House facing the South Lawn featured a Pride flag with two American flags beside it.”

“A photo in a group of other images from the event shows what appears to be the ‘Progress Pride Flag’ hanging between the American flags while the President and First Lady are seen among attendees,” it added.

During the Pride celebration, the president promised to fight against current laws circulating in the United States that would prohibit transgender surgeries on minors as well as transgender athletes from taking part in women’s sports.

“When a person can be married in the morning and thrown out of a restaurant for being gay in the afternoon, something is still very wrong in America,” Biden said.


Included in the video was a clip from the speech delivered by the 80-year-old president, who said the members of the LGBTQ+ community were “some of the bravest and most inspiring people” he has “ever known.”

“You are loved, you are beautiful, you are heard, you belong,” the first lady was captured saying during her speech.

Following backlash from “conservatives “, who Montoya says are trying to use her clip as an example that the transgender community “grooms” young people, the model made a response video, pointing out that being topless is not against the law in Washington, DC.

“Going topless in DC is legal, and I fully support the movement to free the nipples,” she said. “Why is my chest now deemed inappropriate or illegal when I show it off? However, before coming out as trans, it was not.”

“All you’re doing is affirming I’m a woman,” she clapped back at the haters.

Montoya — who began her transition in 2015 — says she purposely covered her nipples to “play it safe” with “zero intention of trying to be vulgar” and that she was “simply living in joy. Living my truth and existing in my body.”

“Happy Pride. Free the nipple,” she says as she concludes her response video.

To be considered public nudity, one must expose the female breast below the top of the nipple without full “opaque coverage,” according to the law on obscenity in the District of Columbia.






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