Amazon Shuts Down Man’s Smart Home After He was Wrongfully Accused Of Racist Remark

On Wednesday, Amazon confirmed that it shut down a man’s smart home after a delivery truck driver misheard and wrongly accused him of making a racist remark through his smart doorbell, the Daily Caller News Foundation reported.

Brandon Jackson, a Baltimore, Maryland resident, claimed that Amazon locked him out of his smart devices on May 25. He explained that many of the devices in his home, including his lights, are connected to his Amazon Echo, which he was unable to use for a week.


In an article posted on Medium, Jackson explained that the misunderstanding “left me with a house full of unresponsive devices, a silent Alexa, and a lot of questions.”

When Jackson reached out to Amazon to find out why he was locked out, he was told, in a “somewhat accusatory” tone, that a delivery driver had reported hearing a racist remark while dropping off a package at his home.



He explained that the complaint did not make sense and “seemed highly unlikely” since “most delivery drivers in my area share the same race as me and my family.”

Jackson recognized that no one was home when the supposed comment was made. He looked over security footage and discovered that his Eufy doorbell had given the driver the automated response, “Excuse me, can I help you?”


Additionally, he saw that the driver was walking away and had on headphones at the time and may have misinterpreted the doorbell’s automatic reply.

Jackson sent the video evidence to Amazon, which took several days to review it. During that time, he continued to be locked out of his smart devices while the company organized an internal investigation.


Six days later, he was able to obtain access to his account, Jackson stated.

“If someone bought and paid for a device they should be able to use it at least on their own property/ if it doesn’t hurt anyone else. I’m only pushing this story so that this WONT [sic] happen to any one [sic] else. Regardless of their race, religion, beliefs, if you paid for it you should OWN it,” Jackson said.

Simone Griffin, an Amazon spokesperson, told the DCNF, “We work hard to provide customers with a great experience while also ensuring drivers who deliver Amazon packages feel safe. In this case, we learned through our investigation that the customer did not act inappropriately, and we’re working directly with the customer to resolve their concerns while also looking at ways to prevent a similar situation from happening again.”





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