Israel is only the first target, warns Hamas commander

Europeans, don’t get too comfortable sitting on your living room sofas, watching the bloodshed in Israel and professing confusion of who’s right in this conflict. Watch the footage without the newscasters – it is not that difficult to understand. And, according to Hamas, Israel is only their first target, and geographically speaking, Europe is the […]

Americans must arm to the teeth and join forces

Americans must arm to the teeth and join forces doing so… Do not simply pretend like the Israelis did that there is no threat. They refused to see the danger when the threat was growing. Learn from the genocidal tragedy of unarmed Israeli civilians who were completely defenceless in their own homes, towns and villages. […]

Nearly all of Israel’s defences were overrun in a matter of hours.

Let this be a lesson NEVER to underestimate the barbaric savagery of your enemies and NEVER overestimate your own capabilities and ideals… Reality couldn’t give a sh!t about your ego, your technology and your ideals. History, history, history. How many times have I warned you all that History is a vast “Early Warning System?” History […]

They want blood and they’ll get it…Can the West be made safe?

Barbaric Orcs across London… It’s fallen, it’s gone, it’s entering into a horrific Dark Age never to return. The civilised must leave whilst they still can. Murderous barbarians are seizing control, more are inbound, bringing with them nothing but genocidal intent. They want blood and they’ll get it… Straight after the second Jewish Holocaust in […]

240 bodies of murdered young Israelis were found at a “nature party” area

Genocidal Islamism vs one of the greatest political/security establishment failures in history… This morning during horrific search & rescue missions in southern Israel, the genocidal magnitude of the disaster began to be unveiled: 240 bodies of murdered young Israelis were found at a “nature party” area. The total number of those murdered rose to 650! […]

Putin warns It looks like Klaus Schwab’s time is coming to an end.

Putin in his typical way warns Klaus Schwab et al that his ‘days are numbered’ – The People Voice addressed the words of the Russian President to the secret world government. ‘According to Putin, the globalists, including Schwab et al and his closest advisers, are ‘legitimate military targets’ because they are actively trying to illegally […]

McCarthy said: “Bring it on.” Gaetz: “Just did.” Job done…

Incredible political scenes. The next 12 month will be the most explosive in US history. Death of the corrupted Liberal Empire accelerates… RINOs can no longer hide pretending to represent real America. McCarthy was one of those lying late-stage Empire politicians obsessed with Rome’s lost war in Ukraine, double-dealing, and “Uniparty” swamping. Matt Gaetz just […]

If you haven’t found God yet, don’t worry, he’s coming to you.

Exhibit 3: Evolution of the Earth’s Economic Centre of Gravity:- The “Great Pendulum Swing of Power” [and physiological Temperament] from West to East well underway… Because you don’t know epigenetics, a revolutionary research field in biology, you can’t see it happening. You’re operating blind as a bat. What hundreds of millions of clueless Western citizens […]

Is this the End Of The American Dream

Not if you’ve been following this channel… Primeval chaos, the logical entropic conclusion of a primeval society. We’ve been tracking the regression of tens of millions’ of “Americans” for years armed with powerful scientific/biblical theories. “Liberal Utopia” has in reality turned into “Calhoun’s Rat-Trap” from hell with suntan lotion. No morals, no values, no IQ, […]