5.7 million non-detained migrants in US, ICE reports, with taxpayer-funded programs that provide medical services, housing

According to documents reviewed by the New York Post, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is currently tasked with monitoring approximately 5.7 million non-detained migrants in the United States. This estimate does not include those being detained for processing at the border or awaiting deportation. To provide support for these individuals, ICE has implemented a taxpayer-funded […]

Russia Tightening The Noose On Ukrainian Troops

It is remarkable how quickly the focus of Western attention has shifted from Ukraine to Israel. As reported in recent interviews, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is dismayed by this change and is making efforts to remain relevant and draw attention back to his country. However, media coverage has focused on the current situation in Israel […]

Joe Biden Exchanged Thousands of Emails With Hunter, Business Interests, As VP: Group

America First Legal (AFL) revealed in a post on Tuesday that it had obtained thousands of emails exchanged between then-Vice President Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden, and their family members and business interests. According to The Federalist, these emails indicate that the president had been discussing potentially nefarious business dealings with his son and […]

Disgusting: BLM Chicago Tweets Support for Hamas Terrorists, include Images of Paragliders Used to Murder Young Adults at Dance Party

The weekend’s terror attack by Hamas against Israeli concert-goers, resulting in an estimated 800 deaths and an unknown number of abductions, has sparked much political discourse. The majority of this discourse has supported the interests of 10 million Israelis, while a minority has advocated for Palestinians civilians. It is reported that some members of the […]

Alabama couple arrested for allegedly torturing woman’s children with blowtorch

The recent news of a 27-year-old woman and her 53-year-old boyfriend, Ashleigh Ableman and Howard Anderson, being accused of burning and torturing her young children with a blowtorch is truly horrific. According to Dale County Jail records, the two adults were both taken into custody on October 5th on the charge of torture/willful abuse of […]

Hamas Terrorists Chop Off the Heads of Israeli Soldiers

The depravity demonstrated by Hamas has no bounds. Hamas released several videos and photos of captured young Israeli women, dead Israelis, and abuse of the victims. In a particularly violent incident, Hamas terrorists opened fire on a dance party in the desert leading to over 260 casualties. Moreover, there are images that confirm reports of […]