The Rig is On: California City Plans to Grant Illegal Immigrants the Right to Vote

The Santa Ana City Council in Orange County, California is considering a highly debated proposition: granting noncitizens, including undocumented immigrants, the right to vote in local elections. At a recent meeting of the City Council, Jonathan Hernandez expressed support for the proposal, as reported by KTLA. “I do believe that noncitizen voting in local elections […]

Disturbing Report: US Gov Ignored Poisoned Drinking Water Supply

Water remained contaminated in Benton Harbor, 175 miles from Flint, as state regulators attempted fixes that failed for three years In light of the recent report from federal investigators, it appears that the new lead contamination response system established by the EPA in 2016 has been largely ignored, resulting in residents of Benton Harbor, Michigan […]

James Comer to Subpoena Joe Biden’s ‘Mystery’ Corporation that Collected $10M in 2017

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) on Thursday announced his intention to use subpoenas to obtain records related to President Joe Biden’s company, “CelticCapri Corp,” which in 2017 received almost $10 million without providing a breakdown of its revenue. Concerns remain about the source of the $10 million that was received by then-Vice President […]

Developing: New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendz and Wife Indicted, Charged with Bribery

Federal prosecutors have announced that Democrat U.S. Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey and his wife have been indicted on charges of bribery. Reports from Fox News state that the senator, who has been under investigation for alleged corruption multiple times in the past, is being charged with taking bribes in exchange for favors. According […]

FEC commissioner admits agency weaponized against Trump

A Donald Trump appointee to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) has expressed concern that the commission may be using its authority to target political opponents of the Biden administration. This individual is the second-longest serving FEC commissioner in history. Commissioner James “Trey” Trainor, appointed in 2020, told a House committee that the Federal Election Commission […]

Kevin McCarthy appears to have reached an agreement to avoid shutdown

According to the Washington Examiner, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has crafted a deal to keep the federal government from closing at the end of this month. The resolution is said to last for 31 days and include all aspects of a border security bill that was approved earlier in the year, excluding an E-verify requirement. […]

DEVELOPING: Missing F-35 Jet Crashed in South Carolina

On July 17, 2014, Cpl. John Wilkes of the USMC photographed the first F-35B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter assigned to Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 501 arriving at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort. The Air Force requested assistance from the public in locating a Marine Corps F-35 jet that had gone missing Sunday afternoon […]