Trump Attorney: Judge Conceded That the Statute of Limitations Are in Effect – All Transactions That Closed Prior to 2014 Are Now Out of the Case (VIDEO)

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On Monday, President Trump and his legal representatives spoke to the press after the initial day of proceedings for a civil fraud case brought by Letitia James concluded in a New York City courthouse.

It was noted that Judge Arthur Engoron had previously ruled last Tuesday that Trump and Trump Org. were liable for fraud. Additionally, an attorney for Trump stated that the judge conceded that the statute of limitations is applicable to transactions closed before 2014, which accounts for 80% of the case.

A disruption occurred when Bowman was seen pulling a fire alarm in the Cannon building on Saturday evening following unsuccessful attempts from Democrats to adjourn early and avoid a government shutdown.

Earlier on Monday, President Trump expressed his criticism of Judge Bowman after the release of a new report from Palm Beach County.

The judge had ruled that Mar-a-Lago was worth $18 million, though many in the real estate business did not agree with this assessment. Furthermore, footage was captured of Bowman engaging in insurrectionist behavior when he pulled the fire alarm in the Cannon building after Democrats attempted to adjourn the House of Representatives and leave before a government shutdown occurred on Saturday evening.

“Why are we trying a case that the appellate division of New York state has just ruled recently that we won 80% of our case and this judge refuses to acknowledge the ruling, which is plain for all to see,” Trump said.

Trump continued, “This rogue judge, a Trump hater… refuses to acknowledge the fact that we won 80% of this case, including the statute of limitations…It just came out a few minutes ago from Palm Beach County…the judge valued Mar-a-Lago at $18 million and it’s worth a billion dollars, maybe $1.5 billion.”

After the court session concluded on Monday afternoon, President Trump and his legal team exited the courthouse. Judge Engoron acknowledged that the statute of limitations had been met.

Additionally, footage showed Insurrectionist Bowman activating a fire alarm in the Cannon building after Democrats unsuccessfully attempted to adjourn the House of Representatives and disperse prior to a potential government shutdown on Saturday evening.

A lawyer for Trump spoke on this: “Based on the judge’s comments at the end of the trial, it would appear that he is agreeing that all the transactions that closed prior to 2014 are now out of the case.”

Trump chimed in: “Which are about 80% of the case.”


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