Real Climate Scientist Debunks ‘Crisis’ Claims

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A credible climate scientist has recently presented evidence that contradicts the notion that the world is in a state of crisis due to climate change, and that people are dying as a result. In actuality, the scientific data from over the last century indicates a 97% decrease in fatalities related to weather conditions.

Judith Curry, a climatologist with more than 140 scientific books and papers published, and a faculty member of Georgia Tech, was interviewed by commentator John Stossel in which she expressed her thoughts.

At the start of the video, Greta Thunberg and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, two global warming activists, made forceful accusations by asserting “People are dying!” Additionally, they argued that the Earth has only until 2030 to avoid disaster.

Curry was a part of the authorship team responsible for a study that was published around the time of Hurricane Katrina. The objective of the research was to make alterations when reconstructing New Orleans from the destruction caused by such a storm.

In response to questions about whether or not global warming had anything to do with the hurricane, Curry stated “We didn’t really blame it on global warming.”

Nevertheless, activists utilized this information in support of their belief in what is now referred to as climate change, even though there had been no evidence of an increase in temperature at that point.

Factors related to natural variability in climate were disregarded.

This prompted Curry to explore further into the issue.

Subsequently came Climategate which highlighted how certain scientists within the field were hiding data, manipulating outcomes and pressuring editors.

Extremists including members of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) then began advocating against oil companies and capitalism placing “policy cart” ahead of “science horse” as Curry put it.

As funding became increasingly biased, scientists who attempted to look objectively at the issue found it difficult to secure financing.

According to Curry, this was likely one of the first instances of “cancel culture” within the scientific community. She believes that many of today’s climate change discussions are used as a distraction from more pressing issues such as poverty, unhealthy lifestyles, and inadequate government or land use policies.

The commentary posted on Twitchy said that John Stossel was brave for daring to challenge what it referred to as “the modern-day religion that is climate change” and highlighted how those who disagree with it are often demonized.

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