Putin warns It looks like Klaus Schwab’s time is coming to an end.

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Putin in his typical way warns Klaus Schwab et al that his ‘days are numbered’ – The People Voice addressed the words of the Russian President to the secret world government.

‘According to Putin, the globalists, including Schwab et al and his closest advisers, are ‘legitimate military targets’ because they are actively trying to illegally seize power through a globalist coup d’état.

According to Putin, the moment of truth has come, and the plans of the liberalized global elite to create a New World Order are receding before our eyes whilst a new Multipolar World Order [in which traditional cultures retain their heritage within their own borders], rises like a Phoenix.

Personally, I did foresee such a time as this, “The End of Davos”, and a “great countercultural backlash”. It looks like Schwab’s time [the WW2-primed German] is coming to an end.

The time of liberalized America is also over. There was no way their terrible values could maintain civilization let alone build further. No more so-called “Liberal World Order” just as late-stage Washington implodes in on its own corruption and incoherence.

One should always accept and embrace civilizational cyclical change. It is happening whether you would like it or not because no one cheats the grand cycles of history.

Check back, I’ll try to update this post when I get a clearer sense of how I see things unfolding re Davos. I wrote some stuff a while back re Davos prophecy and I do see haunting shades of ‘WW2 Germany’ coming from the West’s desperate liberalized elites. They do seem to be flirting with terrible ideology.

It is no coincidence that the Canadian Parliament recently gave a shocking and embarrassing standing ovation to a well-known WW2 Nazi war criminal. Zelensky had a big smile on his face whilst he was there.

We also know Canada’s shady links with Davos.

Not good out there at all.

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