Nearly all of Israel’s defences were overrun in a matter of hours.

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Let this be a lesson NEVER to underestimate the barbaric savagery of your enemies and NEVER overestimate your own capabilities and ideals…

Reality couldn’t give a sh!t about your ego, your technology and your ideals.

History, history, history. How many times have I warned you all that History is a vast “Early Warning System?”

History has taught us repeatedly that you never ever stay stagnant, egotistical, arrogant and ignorant. It’s a deadly combination that will be exploited by enemies sworn to your destruction.

Israel became overconfident with the whole liberalism thing and look at the results? Israel genuinely believed that Hamas was moderating, they genuinely believed that money could buy Hamas off, that Hamas was “deterred”. They also believed that Israel was invincible.

All of their assumptions proved false. Every single one.

The IDF dropped its guard, the legendary intelligence agencies? They all dropped their guard, the warring political echelon? Dropped its guard, protesting citizens of Israel, all dropped their guard, and thus the systematic, well-planned and highly-organised invasion followed by civilian mass-slaughter with the IDF in disarray, was almost instant. Hamas used “Budget Blitzkrieg” tactics which they learnt well with the help of the usual suspects. It was a team effort.

Nearly all of Israel’s defences were overrun in a matter of hours.

If it happened like this, it can happen again and again, it can happen repeatedly. “Never Again” in reality becomes “All The Time”. Israel’s entire security apparatus needs to be re-looked from the ground up.

Great analysis by this young chap. He’s one of the good conflict analysts out there and I highly recommend him. He’s on what I call the “Ultimate Reality Spectrum” which is where your brain needs to be at all times. Ultimate Reality doesn’t care about your ego, arrogance, ignorance nor ideals. Doesn’t give a sh!t.

Look at Ukraine!

The Jews of Israel were too busy playing woke American politics infighting with each other, when they should have been preparing to negate yet another Holocaust looming on the horizon. They were all asleep. The nature of war has changed, asymmetric solutions can be devastatingly effective and Hamas just proved it.

The conflict analyst’s name is Alexandre Robert and he’s excellent.


Dan Hood

Dan Hood

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