Americans must arm to the teeth and join forces

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Americans must arm to the teeth and join forces doing so…

Do not simply pretend like the Israelis did that there is no threat. They refused to see the danger when the threat was growing.

Learn from the genocidal tragedy of unarmed Israeli civilians who were completely defenceless in their own homes, towns and villages. I’m calling for the arming of citizens across the West as wild Orcs go on the rampage.

Neither the police nor army could cope during the early stages of the attack. It took days to regain control, kill those Islamist Orcs.

So far, nearly 4,500 of them are estimated to have been killed inside Gaza and Israel but only after everyone finally woke up to what was unfolding.

Israel is coming to the West, so watch carefully what’s going on over there. I’ll dedicate the rest of my time warning those who suffer inexplicable liberal delusions that far too many Israelis suffered [including nearly all of the security establishment].

America must arm to the teeth and encourage the West to arm to the teeth too. Government simply failed in Israel.

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Deadline expires for Palestinians to flee Gaza as Israeli troops amass at border

Israel has declared war on Hamas after the terror group executed the deadliest attack on the Jewish state in its history. Israeli officials say more than 1,300 Israeli civilians were killed by Hamas, while Palestinian authorities say over 2,300 Palestinians were killed by Israel’s relentless retaliatory strikes

Dan Hood

Dan Hood

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