240 bodies of murdered young Israelis were found at a “nature party” area

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Genocidal Islamism vs one of the greatest political/security establishment failures in history…

This morning during horrific search & rescue missions in southern Israel, the genocidal magnitude of the disaster began to be unveiled:

240 bodies of murdered young Israelis were found at a “nature party” area. The total number of those murdered rose to 650!

Islamist terrorists from Gaza surrounded hundreds of young people with automatic weapons and gunned them down from all directions. It was a bloodbath.

and this is how Islamic population inside the heart of Europe where the Nazis (whom they base their ideology off) once ruled supreme, responded.

The president of the fascist Iranian Regime called Hamas leader Ismail Haniye and congratulated him for a successful genocide on unarmed civilians.

This is how low uncivilised men on the barbarian spectrum can get.

I would simply end Hamas and Hezbollah in the same way we ended Nazi Germany. They should cease to exist as genocidal political/terror organisations.

The Iranian Regime will be next.

Israel’s cabinet just voted in favour of invoking Article 40A, which indicates a formal declaration of war.

This bold and dramatic step has not been taken since the Yom Kippur War in 1973, which emphasizes the gravity of the current situation.

The IDF, which consists of air, sea, and land forces, has now been given the go-ahead to deploy ALL of its resources “wherever it sees a threat to the country of Israel”

There will be no political interference in making Israel safer.


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