Is this the End Of The American Dream

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Not if you’ve been following this channel…

Primeval chaos, the logical entropic conclusion of a primeval society.

We’ve been tracking the regression of tens of millions’ of “Americans” for years armed with powerful scientific/biblical theories.

“Liberal Utopia” has in reality turned into “Calhoun’s Rat-Trap” from hell with suntan lotion. No morals, no values, no IQ, no EQ, no law, no order, no sanity, no future.

This is what behavioural “rat regression” actually looks like in real-time, scaled-up, cross-species, from controlled, simulated mouse laboratory conditions, to millions of “City-humans” behaving as predicted.

You’d have to be trying hard not to see it. We have Democrat Party controlled cities disintegrating in your face. The great “ghetto-implosion” underway.

Have you escaped to safer red zones yet?

If not why not?

Never forget conservatives, libertarians, normal liberals, civilised people in general, that there is NO solution to this civ. cyclical regression taking place. You cannot wind the clock back.

It’s making more sense the need to create new countries as optimal hedge. Screen all entrants to these protected territories. Let crazy liberals live in their ghetto civilisations. Stop their behaviour creeping into your newly-forming, 1776 2.0 independent lands.

Whilst their wild animal behaviour is unfathomable to the civilised, we know what’s going on right down to DNA. We’re talking enormous regression forces. This has happened like “biological clockwork”, many times before.

“late-stage Rome vibes” indeed. It is time you understood the deeper scientific wisdom why this is all happening. We have ringside seats for mass hysteria.


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Dan Hood

Dan is a Civilisation Cycles Analyst Based in Manchester, England, United Kingdom Michael Haupt 👉 Society 4.0 Dan Hood 👉 Supercivilisaton: Antidote to Dark Age Michael is an "Optimistic Collapsologist" | Tentative title of upcoming book: The Art of Joyous Collapse | Creator of LifeLegacyAI

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