‘Increasing Danger’ for War on Israel in Coming Weeks

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There is increasing evidence to suggest that conflict involving Israel may erupt in the coming months.

The Middle East Media Research Institute has conducted an analysis suggesting that radical organizations such as Hamas and Hizbollah may be gradually building towards a potential confrontation with Israel in the fall of 2023. However, they are not actively pursuing this course of action at present.

The report said “The trigger may be spiraling violent clashes resulting in many casualties, or the use of new weapons leading to many fatalities on the Israeli side, in the face of which Israel will be unable to suffice with its regular counterterrorism measures.”

The warning signs include “growing provocations” by Hezbullah on Israel’s northern border.

The report noted that certain acts have been committed by Islamic terrorists, including the establishment of tents in the Har Dov area within Israeli territory, as well as the removal of surveillance cameras near Fatima Gate and the launching of an anti-tank missile into Israel. Additionally, these militants are calling for Israel to yield control over certain territories to Lebanon, while also engaging in activities such as firing rockets and digging command-and-control tunnels.

“The Palestinian terror organizations, especially Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), seek to change the mode of operation against Israel in the West Bank by duplicating the fighting methods used by the terrorists in Gaza. This is manifest in the firing of rockets from the West Bank into Israel, the excavation of ‘command-and-control tunnels’ in the West Bank (though not, as yet, tunnels infiltrating Israeli localities), and in military cooperation between different terror organizations, following the example of the Joint War Room in Gaza,” the report said.

Additionally, there has been an uptick in the illicit transportation of weapons into the West Bank, as indicated by the report. Moreover, there is potential for confrontations on the Temple Mount during Jewish Holidays in September.

At that time, “Jews are likely to visit the Al-Aqsa compound, as happens every year. Hamas and Hezbullah spokesmen have stressed that this could lead to a regional war.”

And the threat of a comprehensive regional war appears to be on the rise, the report said.

“Leaders of the terror organizations have recently increased their threats of a comprehensive regional war, in response to Israeli threats to assassinate terror operatives and those who dispatch them, including Hamas leader Saleh ‘Arouri.”

The report stated that threats of comprehensive war were escalated on the Al-Mayadeen channel. It was also noted that members of the “resistance axis” had meetings with Iranian officials and others to discuss a war room. Additionally, there is a risk of new weapons being utilized which could lead to an increase in Israeli fatalities.

The report suggested that Israel could be forced to act in response to the potential introduction of weapons with increased explosive power and rockets, as well as attempts to bring in Iranian armaments that could inflict extensive casualties.

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