Chances are if your life sucks you do too

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Here’s a piece of advice, and you can take it or leave it, but remember — I’m usually right.

If your life sucks, ask yourself whether you accept the version of reality that’s promoted by the government and the media.

Chances are (if your life sucks) you do.

That’s because, whether you are conscious of it or not, you have cognitive dissonance between what you’re being told, and the reality you are experiencing.

Let’s say, for example, that you see ads every day for a fast food chain called Crapburger.

Everyone you know raves about Crapburger. Food critics praise it.

So you drive through one day and order a #4 Crappy Meal. You start eating it as you’re driving away, and GAWD! It tastes like crap.

Well maybe you got one bad meal. Next day you try it again, maybe order a #7 this time. And again it tastes like crap.

You discuss this with a friend, who insists that Crapburger is the best in town.

You try it a third time and it continues to be awful.

Some more discussions, and everyone you talk to says Crapburger is the best. They point out celebrities who endorse Crapburger.

Now you’re having serious self-doubts. The problem must be you. You convince yourself that you have to “develop a taste” for it, like when you tried your first beer.

So you continue to eat Crapburgers every day and put up with them.

Why? Because you’re afraid of being different. You’re afraid that your tastes are not valid.

It’s the same reason you accept a senile leader and a terrible economy and an endless war. Because if you speak your mind, you’ll lose all your friends.

This is why your life sucks: because you have no faith in your gut feelings and your number one priority is to fit in.

When you’re ready for your life to stop sucking, talk to me.

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Larry Rogak

“Lawrence N. Rogak, attorney, philosopher, climate infidel.”

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